History of Airlines and Airline Facts

PUBLISHED ON 01.17.2022

As a jet charter company, we know a few things about other airline companies. We build ours to exceed the expectations of our clients. As such, we know everything that you need to know about private jet charter. That way, your chartered trips can exceed your expectations for regular flights, or vacation destinations. Here are the major commercial airlines, some details on their histories and how they rate one against another. While there are several others, these are the primary airlines that most of our clients are familiar with.

Spirit, Frontier, and Continental Airlines

Spirit is a discounted airline that is in Miramar, Florida. Their scheduled flights go everywhere in the United States and two other foreign countries. At the moment, they also fly to Latin America and the Caribbean. They are one of the largest commercial airlines today. The airline is not known for comfort or exclusivity, but they are inexpensive. Spirit is one of the airlines that took government money to stay afloat during the pandemic. Best known for leaving passengers completely stranded when they need to cancel flights, reliability is not their strong-suit.

Frontier Airlines is another low-cost commercial airline. It opened in Denver, Colorado to serve 100 destinations in the United States, and a few other international locations. Their main hub is in Denver International Airport. The airline originally began in 1993 as an offshoot of Continental Airlines. The expansion offered the company a way to expand international flights. During the pandemic, they accepted money from the government to avoid bankruptcy. They were also involved in a major lawsuit after refusing to refund passenger’s tickets due to the pandemic.

Delta, Southwest, American, and Alaskan Airlines

Southwest Airlines is well-known for the inexpensive seats that fly throughout the southwestern portion of the United States. The bus seating is privative at best. Many passengers love the airline for their cheap fares. It began in 1967 from Dallas, Texas. They have faced many suits over the years to attack their low fares. Other commercial airlines had issues with the way they charge such a low price. It has received the label of having “undercutting the competition.” Even with all the accusations of issues with their low fares, they maintain a strong position for inexpensive fares for travel. Their loyalty programs keep passengers coming back, consistently.

Delta Airlines is a common airline. The cost is more expensive than the previous two, but with both domestic and international flights, it goes everywhere. Located out of Atlanta, Georgia, it is a legacy airline. The flights have been a part of commercial aviation since the beginning of commercial airlines. As one of the major airlines in the United States, it also has nine hubs for departures. Their Flagship First seats are the closest thing to first class. They are not elite. As a major airline, they survived the pandemic intact. They are fairly reliable, and maintain a good position for commercial, moderately-priced travel.

American Airlines is in Fort Worth, Texas. It is also one of the common airlines. Flights cost more than the lower Spirit or Frontier Airlines. American Airlines has been in business since the 1930s. Over the years, it had grown into a major corporation known as Trans World Airlines in 2001. Today, they have eleven hubs, making them one of the top airlines for both domestic and domestic flights. With major contracts with the US government, they are a leader in the field of aviation.

Alaska Airlines, like Delta and American Airlines, it is a common airline company. It charges the same prices as both American and Delta Air Lines. This airline is in Seatac, Washington. It serves domestic flights to the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii. Now part of One World Alliance, it is the third-largest airline in the United States. Also known for maintaining government contracts for plans with the Air force, they hold a strong position in the world of commercial flight today.

Emirates and Virgin Airlines

Emirates Airline is an Arabic company that is one of the most exclusive airlines in the world. It is in Garhound, Dubai, and specializes in long-haul flights. Using Boeing wide-body aircraft and the airbus style for their fleet. Their reputation for luxury is world-renown. They are the only commercial airline that provides showers on the planes for first class passengers. It is the fourth-largest airline in the world. They have wide-body aircraft and exceptional food in flight.

Virgin Airlines began in 1984 as British Atlantic Airways. It is a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. It serves North America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Furthermore, it leaves from Heathrow Airport and Manchester. Not only that, but it is an upper-class airline. There are also seasonal flights from Edinburgh, Belfast, and Glasgow. The company’s owner, Sir Richard Branson, has branched out to control 400 other companies as an entrepreneur.

Airline Company Facts

Some airline companies experienced serious issues over the last year from labor shortages across the country. The closings from Covid-19 have not helped these issues either. People have not had the freedom in commercial travel as they once did before the pandemic. That is where we come in/. Our chartered flights can take you anywhere you need to go, at any hour of the day or night. Now that is real 1% freedom. The commercial airlines have all experienced these issues. There are serious differences as well. Flying in commercial aircraft is not the same as a private chartered jet. The comfort is exclusive to our craft. Here are some ratings of the commercial airline companies compared to us.

Low-Level Airlines

The low-level airlines have a number of issues for passengers. Crowded planes and risky conditions with a pandemic in the public makes it downright dangerous. The All Nippon Airways has so many financial concerns that they borrowed money from the United States to avoid bankruptcy. It is a well-known fact that they are the least comfortable airline to fly commercially. Each airline fails as they provide the lowest level of comfort for all the commercial airlines today. Some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, have a seating organization of a common bus. Anyone can sit next to you, at any time. You have no say about the matter if you want to fly. If you want something better, then you need to fly with us instead. You pass all the common issues the other must endure.

Common Airlines

Smaller companies have even had enough issues that they shut down. Asiana Airlines is one example. Southwest Airlines had their own scandal this past year with a passenger. Apparently, the passenger was “too large” for the seat. According to The Guardian, Kevin Smith left the flight because his size was a safety concern. Finnair, a common airline for flights from various European countries to Asia and Finland, grew into a controversy in 2020 when a frequent flier spoke out about issues with comfort. Apparently, the flight attendants were rude and disrespectful to passengers on several occasions. The discomfort of the cabin is a frequent concern as well.

Full-Service and Luxury Airlines

While several airlines that we mentioned are high-end, we would disagree. Needing to get a loan to maintain solvency is hardly an indication of a high-end airline. One can only imagine what the flight might be. The only commercial airline that we consider high-end for comfort is Emirates, and possibly Air France. Emirates is comfortable and luxurious. The first class seats have little sections that are like rooms for privacy. As we mentioned, they have bathrooms with showers for a complete experience. Like the aircraft we use, they are the best around. Many of the full-service commercial airlines offer exquisite amenities for their passengers. Still, they are not able to compete with private jet flights. The aircraft we use offer some of the most exclusive amenities in any airline company today. The private pilots take care of their aircraft because it belongs to them. We are a step above the best airline companies in commercial aviation. We know about the unique locations around the globe to offer more adventures to our client’s lives.

Flying Privately With a Jet Charter Company

If you want to fly with the best comfort on any flight today, you must fly with us. Charter your flight anywhere that you want to go. Avoid the lines in the crowded and, in light of the Covid-19 concerns, dangerous airports. You do not need to wait in TSA lines. All that you need to do is fill out the forms and call us to book your flight. Our custom options for amenities on your flight make our chartered aircraft better than any other. While each airline has dealt with financial duress during Covid-19 took over the world of freedom, we have maintained the greatest freedom for our clients.


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