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Brief History of the Southwest Airlines


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Brief History of the Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Co. is a major U.S. airline and considered as the world’s largest low-cost carrier. The main office of Southwest Airlines Co. is located in Dallas, Texas. The airline was established by Herb Kelleher in 1967. The Southwest Airlines adopted its current name in 1971. As of December 2014, the airline has approximately 46,000 employees and serves more than 3,800 flights per day. As of 2014, the airline was recognised as the most carried domestic passengers of any U.S. airline. Southwest Airlines has expected and anticipated services to 97 destinations in 40 states including Puerto Rico and abroad as of June 2016.

Fortune magazine recognised and identified Southwest Airlines for ten years now, in its annual survey of corporate reputations. In 2004, among all industries, Fortune magazine has recorded Southwest Airlines as number three among the Top Ten most admired corporations in America.

The official commercial airline of the Honour Flight Network is Southwest Airlines. Honour Flights are committed to bringing all the aging and ailing veterans for them to visit the national monuments located Washington, D.C., devoted to the wars in which they served.

To other low-cost carriers, Southwest Airline has been a major influence and at the same time an inspiration. Around the world, its business model has been reproduced and repeated a lot of times. The aggressive method and approach associate the high level of employee and the aircraft productivity with low unit costs by lessened aircraft turnaround time, especially at the gate. Europe’s two of the best-known airlines are the EasyJet and Ryanair; these two airlines follow Southwest’s business approach in the continent of Europe. Other airlines with a business model which was based on Southwest’s system consists of WestJet from Canada, AirAsia (the first and biggest LCC in Asia) from Malaysia, IndiGo from India, Jetstar (although Jetstar now operates three aircraft types) from Qantas, Cebu Pacific from Philippines, Nok Air from Thailand, Volaris from Mexico and Pegasus Airlines from Turkey. Even though the Southwest Airline has been a major influence and motivation to many other airlines, specifically Ryanair, AirAsia and Jetstar, the management approach of Ryanair, AirAsia and Jetstar vary significantly from those of Southwest. All of these different management approaches can be seen as means of differentiation from the other rival and competitors to be able to gain competitive advantages.

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