Pinnacle of Performance: Cessna Citation Excel/XLS

PUBLISHED ON 03.03.2024

This month, FlyCFG is thrilled to highlight a jet that embodies flexibility, efficiency, and comfort - the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS. As a key player in the light jet market, the Citation Excel/XLS stands out for its balanced blend of range, speed, and cabin comfort, making it an ideal choice for business and leisure travelers alike.

The Citation Excel/XLS excels in offering a remarkable combination of a spacious cabin within a light jet's efficiency. It allows passengers to experience the convenience of accessing smaller airports while enjoying a midsize jet's comfort. Capable of flying up to 1,858 nautical miles and reaching cruising speeds of up to 441 knots, this aircraft ensures that your travel time is both swift and serene.


Speed: 495 MPH
Range: 1,858 nautical miles
Seating: Up to 8 passengers

Engineered for Excellence

The Citation Excel/XLS boasts an advanced wing design and powerful engines that contribute to its high performance and reliability. Equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PW545C engines, it delivers not only impressive speed and range but also exceptional takeoff and landing capabilities, allowing access to shorter runways that are typically out of reach for jets of similar size.

Its aerodynamic efficiency is matched by its operational efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution for travelers seeking the best of both worlds. The jet's avionics suite, featuring the Collins Pro Line 4 or Pro Line 21, enhances flight safety and navigation, ensuring a smooth and secure journey across various conditions​​.


A Cabin That Captivates

Inside, the Citation Excel/XLS impresses with a cabin designed to maximize comfort and productivity. The spacious interior comfortably accommodates up to 8 passengers, with ample legroom and adjustable seating. High-quality materials and attention to detail create a welcoming environment for both working and relaxing.

The cabin also features advanced soundproofing techniques, reducing noise for a more peaceful flight. With a fully enclosed lavatory, a refreshment center, and generous luggage capacity, the Citation Excel/XLS caters to all passenger needs, ensuring a pleasant and productive flying experience​​.


Practical Luxury

Not just a marvel of engineering and design, the Citation Excel/XLS is also practical for a wide range of travel needs. Its luggage compartment is surprisingly spacious for a jet of its class, offering ample space for luggage and equipment. This makes the Citation Excel/XLS not just a choice for business trips but also for weekend getaways and family vacations, where additional luggage space is often required.

The blend of performance, comfort, and utility in the Citation Excel/XLS positions it as a top choice for those who demand efficiency without compromising on luxury. Its ability to combine midsize jet comfort with the agility of a light jet makes it a unique offering in the private aviation space​​.


Book Your Next Trip on a Citation Excel/XLS

Discover the exceptional balance of performance and luxury with the Citation Excel/XLS through FlyCFG. Our fleet is curated to meet diverse travel needs, offering a bespoke flying experience.

Contact us today to explore the Citation Excel/XLS and how it can elevate your travel plans. Our team is ready around the clock to assist with your inquiries and tailor your journey to your specifications. With FlyCFG, embark on your next adventure aboard the Citation Excel/XLS, where versatility meets luxury in the sky.

Dylan Anderson


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