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Continental Airlines


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Continental Airlines

Facts about theВ Continental Airlines


Founded in 1934 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Continental Airlines is a major U.S. Airline. The merger of the airline with UAL Corporation and the parent company of United Airlines via stock swap was announced in May 2010. On October 2010, the acquisition was completed and this time, the holding company was renamed as United Continental Holdings. The completion of the integration was on March 3, 2012.

The Continental Airlines offers the following classes:

Business First

Travelers are allowed to lie completely flat. You can recline 180-degrees and provides 6 ½ feet of sleeping space in the fully extended position on the 777-200 ER and 757-200 aircraft. It enables travelers to move the seats and make seats adjustment including lumbar support and leg and foot rests.

Domestic First Class

This is available on all Boeing 737 family aircraft and Boeing 757-300 aircraft. Free meals, refreshments, and alcoholic beverages are given to all the passengers aboard this class. If you love to watch movies on your overhead television located throughout the cabin, the domestic first class is perfect for you.

Domestic Economy Class

This is available on all domestic flights. Free non-alcoholic refreshments are given to all the passengers aboard this class. You can still purchase alcoholic beverages if you want. Passengers on all Boeing 737-700, -800, -900, -900ER and 757-300 aircraft can comfortably watch movies on their overhead television screens which are located throughout the cabin. Headsets are also available with charge.

International Economy Class

This is available on all international flights. Free meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are served to all passengers aboard this class. If you want to drink alcoholic beverages, you can still avail this one, but you have to purchase it. Enjoy watching movies, television shows and listen to your favorite music while aboard International Economy Class.

Benefits of flying with the Continental Airlines:

Unique Meals and Drink Services

Free meals and drink services are offered on all passengers aboard. What makes Continental Airlines unique when it comes to serving the food is that, they offer special meal options for Children, Gluten Intolerant, Hindu Vegetarian, Jain, Kosher, Muslim, and Vegan option. The airline also offers free soft drinks on all flights.

Competent Service

The Continental Airlines received a lot of awards. Some of these awards are the following:

  • No. 1 Most Admired Global Airline; Fortune Magazine (2004-2009)
  • No. 1 Most Admired U.S. Airline; Fortune Magazine (2006-2007, 2010)
  • No. 1 Greenest U.S Airline; Greenopia (2009)
  • No.1 Pet-Friendly Airline; Petfinder (2009)

With all these amenities, certainly, flying with the Continental Airlines on your next commercial flight can give you a fantastic experience; however, private jet charters at Charter Flight Group can also provide this experience and can even go beyond. Private jet charters offer a private, relaxed vibe and total relaxation while you’re on the air, which might seem impossible to achieve in commercial flights due to numerous passengers, and don’t forget the screaming kids as well.

So, before booking your next flight, it is wise to compare if which is more apt for you a private jet charter or commercial flight.