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Brief History of Piaggio Aerospace


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Brief History of Piaggio Aerospace

The Piaggio Aerospace, once known as the Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A., is a global, multinational aerospace, manufacturing company that’s headquartered in Genoa, Italy. Its source dated back to the former Rinaldo Piaggio S.p.A. Company, thus making it as one of the world’s oldest manufacturers ofairplanes. In November 1998, the Piaggio Aero Industries was established and founded in its current form by Mr. Piero Ferrari and Josè Di Mase, who acquired the assets of Rinaldo Piaggio.

The Piaggio Aerospace Industries specializes in designing, developing, constructing and maintaining aircraft, aero-engines, and aircraft structural components. The Company has great facilities located in Genoa, Finale Ligure, and Naples (Italy). The Piaggio America has also a subsidiary in the United States of America, which is based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Piaggio Aerospace has a long tradition and a well-known company in terms of manufacturing the major aerostructures. The company has experienced in designing complicated aircraft components and sub-assemblies and manufacturing them using state-of-the-art machine tools.

The Piaggio Aerospace is considered to be the only company in the world that is active in aircraft and aero-engines designing, manufacturing and maintenance. The drivers for Piaggio Aero Industries for the current and future programs are the technology and the commitment to research and development, together with the innovative and original design solutions.

The Piaggio Aerospace presently and directly manufactures the parts and performs the maintenance, repair and overhaul operations ofjet, turboshaft, and turboprop engines, which are under the license from the biggest air engine manufacturers in the world. The company also manufactures aircraft for air charter services.

The company also has experience in the area of infrared suppression systems (IRS) specifically for the helicopters. The Agusta A129, which is part of the Italian Army fleet, is presently armed with an IRS. This was designed, tested and manufactured by Piaggio Aero Industries. The Piaggio Aero changed its name to Piaggio Aerospace last October 2014.

These are the aircraft models manufactured by the Piaggio Aerospace:

  • Piaggio P.2 (single-engine low-wing single-seat monoplane fighter prototype)
  • Piaggio P.3 (four-engine biplane night bomber prototype)
  • Piaggio P.6 (reconnaissance floatplane)
  • Piaggio P.7 (high-wing racing monoplane for the 1929 Schneider Trophy seaplane race;                               unflown) it:Piaggio P.C.7
  • Piaggio P.8 (single-engine parasol wing single-seat reconnaissance floatplane)
  • Piaggio P.9 (single-engine high-wing two-seat monoplane)
  • Piaggio P.10 (single-engine three-seat biplane floatplane)
  • Piaggio P.11 (licensed copy of the Blackburn Lincock)
  • Piaggio P.16 (three-engine heavy bomber)
  • Piaggio P.23 (four-engine commercial transport prototype)
  • Piaggio P.23R (three-engine commercial transport prototype)
  • Piaggio P.32 (twin-engine bomber)
  • Piaggio P.50 (four-engine heavy bomber)
  • Piaggio P.108 (four-engine heavy bomber)
  • Piaggio P.111 (high-altitude research aircraft)
  • Piaggio P.119 (single-engine single-seat fighter)
  • Piaggio P.136 (amphibian flying boat)
  • Piaggio P.148 (two-seat primary/aerobatic trainer)
  • Piaggio P.149 (four/five-seat utility/liaison or two-seat trainer, also known as Focke-Wulf FWP-149D)
  • Piaggio P.150 (two-seat trainer)
  • Piaggio P.166 (light utility transport)
  • Piaggio P.180 Avanti (business aircraft for air charter services)
  • Piaggio PD-808 (twin-jet light utility transport)
  • Piaggio P1XX (under development)