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Facts about Finnair


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Facts about Finnair

Finnair is considered as one of the world’s oldest operating airlines, established in 1923. In 1999, it joined the One world® alliance. The airline flies to more than 70 destinations worldwide. 

Travel classes:

  1. Business Class (Intercontinental Flights)
  • Spacious full-flat airplane bed seats offer you more room and privacy to work, dine and get you a proper night’s sleep
  • Variety of exquisite signature menus and cocktail list from Finnish top chefs
  • Amenity kits contain eye shade, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, skin care products such as moisturizer and lip balm. For additional items such as tube socks or slippers, shaving kit, mouthwash, hairbrush and make-up remover wipes are also available upon request.


  1. Business Class (Flights within Europe and Finland) 
  • Newspapers are handed out for free as soon as you sit down.
  • To complement your delicious, high-quality meals, carefully selected beverages are given.
  • Comes with a number of perks like priority check-in and priority boarding
  • The middle seats on each side are left unoccupied giving you more privacy.


  1. Economy Class (Intercontinental Flights) – Has roomy seats equipped with a foldable table and a personal in-flight entertainment system to add a little comfort to your flight
  • Appetizing meals, snacks, and beverages including sparkling wine are served.
  • Pillow and blanket are reserved for you to use on your seat.
  • Haselectrical sockets with no adaptor needed


  1. Economy Class (Flights within Europe and Finland)
  • Sky Bistro is available on most flights.
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and Finnair’s new signature refreshment, Blueberry juice is served.

Food and Drink:

  1. As a Business Class passenger of European flights, you’ll receive a sumptuous high-quality meal. The content of food menus and offerings vary on the duration of the flight and time of day. To complete your meal, you can also choose a wide range of beverages that have been selected carefully.


  1. If you decided to take a trip in Economy Class of longer European flights or/from the Middle East, you could enjoy a wide selection of seasonal, high-quality menus and beverage options by purchasing from Sky Bistro’s menu. There are also food products available for children and your special dietary needs. You can grab a coffee, tea, water or juice (Blueberry) for free. Passengers can also pre-order a warm meal to enjoy on board. For flights until March 31, 2016, you can choose three delicious options such as Chicken breast fillet with mashed potatoes and cream cheese sauce, Indian chickpea stew, and Meatballs with mashed potatoes. For flights on or after April 2016, you may choose Chicken breast with mashed potatoes and sage sauce, Penne pasta Bolognese and Indian vegetable masala. Meals must be ordered within 72 hours before the flight.


  1. As a Business Class passenger of intercontinental flights, you will be given two high-quality meals during your trip. Your main meal will consist of an appetizer or soup, three different main course options, cheese and dessert. They also have a wide variety of bread to choose from. To complement your meal perfectly, they have carefully selected beverages and award-winning wines to serve. Throughout your flight, you can grab a coffee or tea. Passengers also have an option of pre-ordering one of the three “Meals designed for you” options such as Wellness and Energy, Food Lover’s Treat and Chef’s Gourmet. Pre-order meals within 24 hours before departure. 


  1. In Economy Class of intercontinental flights, a generous and tasty hot meal is served. You can also purchase appetizing in-flight snack from the bistro at any time. For China, Japan, South Korea, India and Singapore flights, they will serve sodas, juices, beer and wine for free. They also have alcoholic beverages available for purchase.          

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