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American Airlines

The History of American Airline

American Airlines, Inc. is an American airline that offers flight services including chartered flights. The airline is based in Fort Worth, Texas. In terms of production and revenue, the American Airlines is the largest among other airlines all throughout the world.

Aside from the Fort Worth hub, they also have other operating hubs at Los Angeles, New York – John F. Kennedy, Charlotte, New York – LaGuardia, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and Chicago – O’hare.

The airlines started way back in 1930. It was developed from the collection of 82 small airlines.

The initial name of American Airlines was American Airways and was changed to American Air Lines when ErrettLobban Cord purchased it. He then requested Cyrus Rowlett Smith to run the company.

Cyrus Rowlett Smith is a businessman who was born in Texas. He was the Chief Executive Officer of the airlines from 1934 to 1968 and as well as from 1973 to 1974. Smith along with Donald Douglas, developed the Douglas DC-3, a fixed-wing propeller-driven airline. The Douglas DC-3 was the first aircraft that the American Airlines had first flown in 1936.

After World War II, the American Export Airlines was bought by the American Airlines, and their goal was to provide their services to Europe. They renamed it as American Overseas Airways. This was later on sold to Pan American World Airways.

The American Airways had launched another subsidiary. They launched the American Airlines de Mexico S.A. Their goal is to build several airports in Mexico.

In 1970, the American Airlines was able to have flights from New York and St. Louise, Chicago to Honolulu; from New York and St. Louise, Chicago to Sidney and Auckland. The aircraft that have been used are the American Samoa and the Nadi, Fiji.

The following year, the American Airlines bought the Trans Caribbean Airways. In 1979, the American Airlines moved its headquarters from Fort Worth, Texas to New York City. Two years after, they changed to a hub-and-spoke system and opened their first hub at Fort Worth International Airport.

In 1982, they opened their second hub Chicago O’Hare Terminal 3 and started the transatlantic flights between London and Dallas. Their CEO, Robert Crandall, was the one who led the team, but he was replaced by Donald J. Carty in 1998.

Donald J. Carty was the one who negotiated the purchase of the Trans World Airlines and its hub located in St. Louise.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the American Airlines started to struggle financially because of the two destroyed planes. Despite that, the airline was still able to expand their services into two new markets that include India, Ireland, and China.

They were able to stand from the fall but then another financial crisis arose in 2008 that allowed the flight attendants to have their leave of absence via the Texas’ Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act System.

In 2010, the American Airlines joint business with the British Airways and Iberia Airlines. Also, in the same year, they started a partnership with the Jet Blue Airways that also offers chartered flights.