Private Jet Charter to Shreveport, LA

Charter a Private Jet to Shreveport On your private charter flight to Shreveport, you will be landing four miles southwest of the city s central business district the Shreveport Regional Airport (KSHV). This city-owned public airport boasts of runways and innovative terminals that are highly noticeable to traffic along Interstate 20. This makes the airport highly accessible to travelers to and from southern United States. In fact, the airport processes and serves about 300,000 to 400,000 passengers every year and it plans to expand these numbers when it opened a $30 million cargo terminal in 2009. Thus, if you are traveling with cargo on your private aircraft flight to Shreveport, you will find it very convenient to go through the airport s cargo terminal.The airport also features newly renovated terminals that highlight internet access and dining options. You will feel safe, secure and comfortable in the innovative airport as you go through your ultimate destination. You ll also be provided easy access to downtown Shreveport and so you won t need to worry about following your itineraries.


Major Airport:
Shreveport Regional Airport
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Airports near Shreveport

KSHV - Shreveport Regional Airport

56LA - Old Hickory Ranch Airport

5F5 - Bluebird Hill Airport

KDTN - Shreveport Downtown Airport

LS41 - Tater Patch Ultralightport

5LA0 - Juneau Ultralightport

KBAD - Barksdale Air Force Base

Shreveport is in the midst of the great tri-state area where Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas meet and the commercial and cultural activities in the city showcase this geographic advantage. In fact, there are numerous destinations in Shreveport for tourists and residents alike, from the Barnwell Garden and Art Center, to Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum, to Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, and so much more. The city lives up to its commercial and cultural reputation and thus there are numerous important events within the city, including Mardi Gras Parade, Mudbug Madness, and the State Fair of Louisiana. Shreveport s economic landscape features diversified business and thus, if your private charter flight to Shreveport is for business purposes then you came to the right place. You will find a lot of information on the state s website, everything you need in developing an enterprise in the city. After a busy day with probable business partners or after an eventful corporate convention, celebrate your success by enjoying the fun and recreation activities that the city has to offer. You can go dining and enjoy a sumptuous Louisiana meal or go dancing in the accompaniment of Shreveport s rich music heritage. There are a lot of things that you can do in Shreveport and rest assured, your private charter flight to the city will never be wasted. But then again, you might want to charter a private flight to Shreveport for pleasure and leisure and that is not a hard thing to achieve as well. Shreveport is full of soothing and tranquil modern convenience all enveloped in hospitable Southern charm. Yes, Shreveport folks take care of their visitors like family and you will thoroughly enjoy a mix of Texas spirit and spicy Cajun outlook. You ll see and feel it in everything Shreveport from big festivals to comedy shows, to outdoor adventures and art shows. When it comes, to festivities and fun, you can count on Shreveport to put on a good show.

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