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Shreveport Regional Airport

Private Charter Flights to/from Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV)

Charter flights via Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) have never been better thanks to CFG. Charter Flight Group has been providing service via Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) countless locations worldwide for more than three decades. During that time, the CFG Difference was born.

The CFG Difference is very simple really. We begin by ensuring that all members of the Charter Flight Group program comply 100% with FAR Part 135 requirements. We do this with the aid of Wyvern and ARGUS, the most trusted names in charter flight safety.

Then we require all pilots and flight crew members to likewise be audited. In fact, non are permitted to care for our clients unless they have first demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and proficiency. This goes for all of them, more than 6000 actually.

As a result of our attention to safety and professionalism, we are able to offer the best on demand charter flight service via Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) than any other. In addition, we provide one ways, group charter flights, pistons, and cargo planes. Thus, no matter what you need for your private charter flight, we can provide. And if you are looking for an empty leg, look no further. We designed the best software platform in the world for keeping track of every charter flight aircraft in our program and can generally locate an empty leg quicker than some can answer their phones. And the best part is, we can usually have you wheels up in under four hours.

Are you ready to experience the Charter Flight Group Difference to Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) today?

Every private charter flight to/from Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) includes…

  • VIP concierge service
  • Elite network of 6,000+ flights
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No congested airports
  • No baggage restrictions
  • Discreet, professional crews
  • A private, discreet flying experience
  • No Worries or Hassles
  • No unnecessary layovers

The CFG Difference in Charter Flights via Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV)

The big difference with Charter Flight Group is that we care. We understand that without you, there would simply be no reason for us to be here. We wouldn’t want to be in any other business for we love flight and we love our clients. We believe we have the best clients in the world and would love for you to join the CFG family. Perhaps this is the reason for the great attitude of our planners.

When you phone in to discuss your arrangements, you will be pleasantly surprised for each planner is a seasoned professional and will skillfully handle everything for you.

Whether you need help determining the right aircraft for your trip via Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) or simply want an instant price quote, no problem. Whether you need ground transportation arrangements or simply want to start planning your trip—we’re here for you 24-7-365. Just call us at 1-888-634-7449.

Call your personal flight coordinator at (888) 634-7449 to book your charter from SHV or choose from thousands of private jet airports worldwide.

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Airports near Shreveport Regional Airport

If you have business in the region and prefer another airport near Shreveport, Louisiana for your jet charter flight, you may prefer some of these.

Contact CFG at 1-888-634-7449 to arrange your jet charter flight to SHV or

KSHV - Shreveport Regional Airport

56LA - Old Hickory Ranch Airport

5F5 - Bluebird Hill Airport

KDTN - Shreveport Downtown Airport

LS41 - Tater Patch Ultralightport

5LA0 - Juneau Ultralightport

KBAD - Barksdale Air Force Base


Take flight with us and experience service that exceeds the five-star treatment. At FlyCFG, around-the-clock service means wherever and whenever you need a flight, our jet charter company is ready.