Pros and Cons of Private Jet Charter

PUBLISHED ON 02.20.2023

You may have heard about the benefits of flying private, but do you have the full picture? In recent years, private jet charter has taken off in popularity as flocks of travelers pivot to this preferred form of travel, looking to enjoy many advantages over commercial airlines.

Private jet charter does in fact come with a wide range of benefits, but, as with anything, there are a few drawbacks as well. Before you book, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, as understanding the pros and cons of private jet charter helps you to decide if it is the right travel option for you.

Benefits of Private Jet Charter

The convenience of private jet charter is no secret, and the advantages can not be overstated. After all, many new travelers have embraced the world of private jet travel for a reason. The following are some of the most significant private jet advantages.

No Lines and No Crowds

You will notice one of the best advantages of flying private before you even step onboard the aircraft. When you fly private, you pass through a separate area of the airport called a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). This means you not only avoid the large crowds in the main terminal, but you also do not have to pass through the long lines at TSA.

Instead of going through TSA, private passengers undergo a much smaller and simpler security procedure at the FBO. During this process, you often just show the flight staff your ID and allow them to do a quick luggage screening—you don’t even have to take off your shoes or belt. As a result, you can arrive at the airport later, board your flight faster and stress less.

Access To Flights When You Need Them

One of the best benefits of private jet charter is the freedom and access that it provides. When you fly commercial, you are at the mercy of the airlines and their schedule. If flights to a top destination are sold out or not scheduled at a time that fits your schedule, then you are out of luck. Last-minute booking is also a huge headache for commercial flights.

However, private jet charter is much more accommodating, allowing you to book your flight for a time that fits your unique schedule. Some private jet charter operators, like FlyCFG, can even provide you with a flight within just hours of booking. This easy access to flights means that private jet charter is great for anything from last-minute business trips to emergency situations where you need to book an urgent flight.

Unparalleled Comfort

It goes without saying that a private jet comes with a tier of comfort well above that of commercial air travel. With access to some of the best aircraft in the industry, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a superior level of comfort on your flight, from a spacious cabin to seats that maximize comfort. At FlyCFG, we provide access to over 6,000 aircraft, allowing you to choose the perfect jet for your needs.

On top of providing you with a world-class aircraft, your operator goes to great lengths to ensure your comfort during your flight. When you fly private, you have complete control over your comfort, including what furnishings you would like, how much space you need for your group, and whether you need other amenities, like a shower or kitchen.

Many flights also offer additional amenities that make your trip special, like Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment systems for music and movies, and more. Depending on the aircraft you select, you can enjoy other features as well, like noise-dampening cabins and advanced air filtration.


A flight to yourself means even more comfort and convenience. Most notably, you enjoy complete peace and quiet during your trip, which means you can work, relax or catch up on sleep during your flight without any disturbances. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, you will surely enjoy the lack of other passengers talking or coughing during your flight.

The added benefit of total privacy during your flight means the ability to bring what you need. Since it is just you on your flight, private flights allow you to avoid extensive limits on the number or size of your bags. Your only limit is the size of the aircraft you choose, so bring your golf clubs or skiing equipment with no problem. Flying private also allows you to bring your pet on board without any hassle.

Private Jet Cons

Everything has two sides to it. For private jet travel, the disadvantages are far fewer than the advantages, but they are important to consider before booking. If you are on the fence about flying via private jet charter, you only have two main points to consider.

More Costly than Commercial Travel

If you are weighing the options of flying private or commercial, then the reality is that you will pay a bit more to fly via private jet charter. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. The higher price tag of private jet charter does come with extensive value, as you enjoy the multiple benefits listed above and more. Especially when you need to travel on short notice, private jet travel is well worth the added cost.

You can also maximize the value you receive by signing up for a membership. For example, a Jet Card Membership can allow you access to special, fixed hourly rates and added benefits, like quicker booking and direct access to your choice of aircraft.

More Detailed Planning

Another potential disadvantage of flying private is that it can require a little more thought. When you book a commercial flight, everything is laid out for you, including what airport you are flying to, when you are leaving and what amenities will be available during the flight.

Although the added freedom is largely a benefit, it can complicate your travel planning, as it is up to you to solidify where, when, and how you want to travel. Still, this disadvantage is easily remedied. When you choose an experienced private jet charter company, they can help you to arrange your travel plans and provide guidance along the way. For example, at FlyCFG, our 24/7 concierge service is here to help support you during your trip planning so that your travel experience checks all the boxes.

Embrace the Advantages of Private Jet Travel

Altogether, the pros and cons of private jet travel speak for themselves. After all, the potential disadvantages are far outnumbered by the many benefits. At FlyCFG, we are dedicated to providing you with the best travel experience possible, offering 24/7/365 availability and accommodating your needs from the moment you start the booking process to the moment you land.

Even better, we provide you with all of the advantages of private jet travel without sacrificing your safety, as we follow industry-leading standards for safety. Contact us today to learn more about what sets us apart. Our 24/7 dedicated client services team is always available to ensure you have a flawless travel experience. Book with FlyCFG and see all the private jet benefits for yourself—our state-of-the-art booking process allows you to book in just seconds.

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