How To Fly Private for the Cost of Commercial

PUBLISHED ON 02.22.2023

No, flying private is not out of reach. You should not have to miss out on the opportunity to book a private flight because you are on a budget. Although it may sound shocking, there are multiple options available that can allow you to book a private flight for the cost of a commercial flight. By doing a small amount of research and adding some flexibility to your trip, you can board a private flight at a remarkable rate. Discover how you can experience private jet travel at an unbelievable cost.

Commercial Flight vs. Private Flight Travel

The experiences of commercial and private flight travel are truly incomparable, as a private flight experience provides levels of benefits over commercial travel. When you fly via private jet charter, the first difference you will notice is the support and assistance you receive during the booking process. Private jet travel companies put customer satisfaction at the top of the

Once you are at the airport, the benefits of private flight travel become even clearer. This is because private flight travelers do not have to pass through the main terminal of the airport at all. Since private flights leave from a separate, quieter part of the airport, called a fixed-base operator, you are able to avoid the floods of people in long security lines and on the way to your gate.

The travel experience itself is also far more convenient. When you fly private, you do not have to worry about a hundred other passengers on your flight. Depending on how you choose to fly, you can either fly with only passengers you select or a very small group of other travelers. As a result, you can avoid the potential flight delays that come with trying to get multiple hundred people seamlessly on a flight.

Even better, you will be able to spread out on your flight and enjoy the added space of not flying commercial. With fewer passengers, the cabin will also be much quieter allowing you to catch up on your rest or take care of business. The only way to truly understand the differences is to experience them yourself.

How To Save on Private Flights

Despite what you may know about private flights, their benefits are not out of reach. When choosing to fly via private jet charter, there are multiple ways you can save and enjoy much lower costs than you would otherwise expect for a private flight. Allowing some flexibility in your trip and doing some research will help you access lower costs. The best ways to save when flying via private jet charter are the following.

Empty Leg Flights

One of the best options for saving on your private flight is by taking an empty leg flight. Empty legs are when a plane needs to be moved from one location to another in order to reach a customer or return to its main location. During these flights, the plane is completely unoccupied by passengers. Therefore, passengers are able to save large amounts of money on these flights because the plane is already flying to the location.

Empty leg passengers are also a significant benefit for the operator since it helps to offset the cost of the empty leg flight.  Plus, as a passenger, you still gain the benefit of a quiet and private cabin, just like any other private flight.

Because empty leg flights are already scheduled and are headed to a predetermined destination, they offer less flexibility than your typical private flight. To fly on an empty leg flight, you will need to adjust to this schedule and terms. Empty leg flights are also one-way flights, meaning that you should prepare to find another empty leg flight or book a different method to return back home.

These empty legs are much less expensive than typical private flights but still offer a majority of the benefits, like avoiding the crowds of the airport and the jammed seating of a commercial flight. If you are willing to be a bit more flexible with your travel plans and adjust on short notice, this is a great option for saving. Contact a private jet charter company to be notified about any upcoming empty leg flights they have to offer.

Shared Charter Flights

Shared charter flights give you the opportunity to offset the price of flying private by either buying or selling seats that are not occupied on an already scheduled private flight. These flights fall under the Federal Aviation Administration Part 380 rules that allow passengers to purchase seats on privately operated flights. As a result, if you purchase a spot on a shared flight, you will be traveling with others. However, these flights allow travelers to enjoy several of the key benefits of flying private at a much lower cost.

Although shared charter flights are not entirely private, you will only share a jet with a significantly lower number of passengers than with commercial air travel. Plus, you will still enjoy the many benefits of flying via private jet charter, like avoiding the main terminal of the airport, quicker boarding and a more comfortable experience on board.

Access to shared charter flights is often easier for those with memberships or jet cards with a private jet charter company. Fortunately, charter operators like Charter Flight Group offer access to a Jet Card Membership without any initiation fees.

Save on Your Private Flight

If you thought that flying private was outside of your scope of possibility, then it is time to rethink everything that you know about the private flight experience. To learn more about charter vs. commercial flight costs, contact Charter Flight Group. Our 24/7 concierge service is available to help you discover the best ways to fly for the price of a commercial flight and help you schedule either shared or empty leg flights.

When you fly with Charter Flight Group, you will experience the peak air travel experience. We are proud to provide a long list of extensive amenities from a careful flight crew so you can travel in unparalleled comfort. On top of everything that we have to offer, we follow the most comprehensive safety standards in the industry, so you can maintain absolute peace of mind throughout your entire trip. Experience the difference of private air travel for yourself. Book with Charter Flight Group today.


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