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What is an Empty Leg Flight? | FlyCFG

What is an Empty Leg Flight?


What is an Empty Leg Flight?

In the private jet charter world, the terms “empty leg” or “deadhead” or “one way” are used often. Many people, however, wonder exactly what is an empty leg flight. Many individuals do not know that a lot of private jets fly across the world empty. Because of this, you can seize the opportunity and fly on one of these discounted private jet flights! They do come with their limitations and restrictions but it also has its perks. Read below about what exactly an empty leg is and how Charter Flight Group can help you find these particular flights.

What is an Empty Leg?

An empty leg charter flight is a repositioning in order for the aircraft to be able to fly its live leg. The live leg is either the flight for the next customer or simply to return to its home base. For instance, an example of this repositioning is a private jet needing to fly from San Diego to Los Angeles because that jet’s next flight is out of Los Angeles and not San Diego. Because of this, empty legs are often one-way and never guarantee a flight back. This is important to know if you want to fly on one of these empty leg charters.

How Much Do Empty Legs Cost

The cost of an empty leg is not the same for every jet and depends on different factors such as the route and model. Many companies falsely advertise that empty legs can be as cheap as $500. However, an empty leg for a private jet is typically 50% off of its retail price. These discounted private jet flights will never be an economy to scale compared to commercial flights. Some examples of pricing is an empty leg private jet charter from New York to Florida has been seen as cheap as $5000. Another great private jet empty leg route is from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and the best price that we have seen for that is $2500 for the 40-minute flight. Nonetheless, even though empty legs are at a lower price, they are more expensive than commercial flights.

How to Know Where Empty Legs are the Most Popular

Typically, empty legs are the most popular between the larger metropolitan areas. Specifically, they are larger numbers of them between New York and Florida and back. These areas are your best chance to be able to catch one of those empty legs.

Another important tip to maximize your chances of getting an empty private jet charter is to go the opposite way of traffic. For instance, the day after Christmas everyone leaves the Northeast to the Caribbean. It would be in your best interest to go on December 26th from the Caribbean back to the Northeast. Another example is during the Winter to fly from Palm Beach to New York City as many people like to escape the winter in New York and enjoy that season in the sunny weather of Palm Beach, Florida.

How to Find Out About an Empty Leg

Charter Flight Group has access to these empty legs through proprietary software to help you find out about these flights. Charter Flight Group’s JetXchange software is the stock market for one-ways and empty legs on private jets. This wide access will increase your chances of being able to catch one of these empty leg flights. The software knows where every aircraft is and where it needs to go in order to leverage the very best price whether it be a one-way or an empty leg.

However, empty leg flights require flexibility and are often very short notice. Unlike booking a private jet charter, these empty leg flights are accommodating to the original customer which means that the person who wishes to fly on an empty leg will need to adjust around them. This means that there is limited choice on place and time and that empty legs are subject to cancellation and change based on the original owner. For instance, if the original owner were to make late changes to their itinerary, this could interfere with your ability to hop on one of these empty leg flights. Nevertheless, if you have this flexibility and prepare for the short notice adjustments, then you can find out about the flights and book one with Charter Flight Group!

How to Book an Empty Leg Flight

Now that you know what an empty leg flight is, you can book one with Charter Flight Group. Visit and put in the desired routing. From there, you can see if there are any empty leg flights that match your desired private jet flight. In addition, you can sign up on our website for empty legs that match city pairs that you would typically want to fly between. Charter Flight Group uses its technology and access to these flights in order to help fill these flights and our expert team is dedicated to helping you take advantage of these empty leg flights! Charter Flight Group’s empty leg booking process is seamless and as easy to book as Amazon because they want to ensure a consistent and efficient experience for their potential and returning clients.