FlyCFG’s Exclusive Access to the Hawker 800XP

PUBLISHED ON 02.08.2022

The Hawker 800XP is another opportunity for your adventures with FlyCFG. The advantages of the medium-sized aircraft make it a perfect choice. It is the perfect choice for so many occasions. You might begin to feel as though you have your own private jet. As always with FlyCFG, your advantages are present, without any of the detriments of actually owning it. Here are some of the highlights that you never knew that you always needed.

FlyCFG’s Exclusive Access to the Hawker 800XP

Many of those same clients wanted the exact same level of exclusivity, without the large size. This one does that and offers some of the following advantages.

  • Spacious Cabin
  • Exclusive Seating
  • Galley
  • Wi-Fi

The cabin seats eight passengers comfortably. The seating arrangement suits many clients that desire a traditional seating arrangement. Speaking of seating, the comfort level is never compromised with FlyCFG. This aircraft is no different.

You get to determine your schedule. If you and your guests need to stop somewhere, you can. All the trips are exclusively yours to enjoy.

Those small FBO airports are all yours for the taking. You can enjoy the privacy of the aircraft, then fly into an airport so exclusive that we will never share them here. Those that know, know where they are. In fact, if you do not know, be sure to ask the professionals during your booking.

Benefits of Chartering On The Hawker 800XP

Created by the same company as the famous Beechcraft and Cessna, it is well-built and performs. The lighter weight allows it for flights to smaller airports for those exclusive events. They are perfect for short trips. With the higher speed cruising rate, it arrives a bit faster than its larger counterparts. That makes it perfect for a business person who needs frequent chartered flights.

About The Hawker 800XP

The measurements of the aircraft is one of the many reasons why this particular one is such a great choice. In addition to the capacity of eight passengers, it also carries about seven bags. Here are the approximate measurements.

  • It is 604 Cubic Feet in Volume.
  • The maximum speed is 514 miles per hour (ca. 827 km/h).
  • Range of flight extends as far as 2,923 miles (ca. 4,704 km).

Manufactured by Beechcraft, it offers the connectivity of the larger aircraft, while saving in costs. The interior is plush, with seating that rivals the most exclusive jets on the market.

Book A Trip With FlyCFG On The Hawker 800XP

Considering all the benefits of the Hawker 800XP, it is easy to see how well this new choice suits FlyCFG. The improved interior, and longer range for flight, make it perfect for those that crave excellence in a mid-size aircraft. In fact, it goes where the larger aircraft can never go. The smaller size ensures that.. The less time in transit equals more time to do the business on the ground. Book your flight with FlyCFG today.


Some of the best places to fly are waiting for your travel adventures. Each one of these places offers the best experience in the life of style that you deserve. Take some time and get out on those plans that you have put off for so long. If you are a business person looking for that extra edge, this is the way to travel. Flying your associates and clients in the Hawker 800XP to one of these destinations will give you something extra for the deal.

There are countless more FBO locations for private jet charter. Arrive in the exclusivity you deserve today. You will be glad you did. Your flight is waiting for you. Complete that bucket list. See the places you know about, but never shared with your special someone. It’s all waiting for you where you remember it was, so many years ago. Go book the best adventure of your life with FlyCFG on the Hawker 800XP.


Jude Dineen


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