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What it Takes to Receive the Diamond Award of Excellence


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What it Takes to Receive the Diamond Award of Excellence

The FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Award program is based on the commitment of maintenance technicians to improve safety by actively participating in initial and recurring training programs to further their technical knowledge. The Diamond Award is the highest corporate award, and the program includes both individual and corporate recognition.  The award recognizes completion by 100-percent of an organization’s eligible maintenance technicians of specialized, continuous training in aircraft systems, regulations and FAA rules over a 12-month period. In addition to the Diamond Award, which is presented to the company, each mechanic receives an Aviation Maintenance Technician award based on the number of training hours logged.

How the Aviation Maintenance Technician Award program begun?

In October 1991, AFS-300 determined there was a need for an incentive program to encourage AMTs and employers to participate aggressively in available initial and recurrent maintenance training/courses. Through the AMT Awards Program, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)recognizes eligible technicians and employers by issuing awards to those who receive or promote and foster initial and recurrent training. The FAA is aware that the employer bears the short-term loss of employee productivity and other costs associated with training. To increase the incentive for management to fund training under the award program, the FAA also recognizes employers who take a proactive role in training their technical workforce. The AMT Awards program encourages AMTs and employers to take advantage of initial and recurrent training by issuing awards based on training received in one calendar year. The program has several levels, or phases, of recognition for both you and your employer. You can obtain an FAA Certificate of Training upon successful completion of the program requirements. Employers can obtain a Gold or Diamond Award of Excellence yearly depending on the percentage of their employees receiving awards.AMT Employer Awards are based on the percentage of eligible employees that earn individual AMT Certificates of Training during the calendar year.To gain the Diamond Award of Excellence, the company should have a minimum of 100 % of eligible employees earn an individual AMT Certificate of Trainingduring a calendar year.

Only a few private charter jet companies had been awarded withthe Diamond Award for Excellence for their commitment to customer satisfaction. These companiesvalue the safety and security of their clients above all else. Safety and security are few of the most important factors in operating private charter jets. It is a great advantage for a private charter jet company to earn this prestigious award, for this means that the company had conducted several pieces of training to maintain a great service to their clients because when flying in private charter jets, you are the boss and you deserve all the comforts while having your ride.

Although Charter Flight Group has not gotten this award, our commitment to serving you is unparalleled.If you wish to fly and book your flight in a private charter jet, you can always count on us.