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10 Luxurious Bedrooms in Private Jets

10 Luxurious Bedrooms in Private Jets


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10 Luxurious Bedrooms in Private Jets

Private jets are often associated with great pedigree and grandeur because of their extravagant amenities. One of the best parts about flying private jet charter is being able to stretch out and sleep comfortably during a long flight. Some of the most luxurious private planes have bedrooms on them and accommodate the passenger’s need for sleep and a peaceful rest.

These private jet bedrooms allow for passengers to have the ability to recreate the privacy and comfort of their own bedrooms on a private jet flying at about 40,000 feet. Listed below are 10 private jets with bedrooms in them.

1. Embraer Legacy 500 Bedroom

Indeed, the Embraer Legacy 500’s cabin is very spacious with it being one of the only medium-range jets that has a full stand-up cabin with a flat floor. Its elegant design gives a feeling of luxury and brightness to passengers. Also, every seat in the jet can recline and swivel to accommodate passengers’ comfort preferences. What is even greater is that some of the seats on the jet are able to fully recline into a flatbed if a passenger needs it for a comfortable rest during their flight.

2. Cessna Citation XL/XLS/XLS+ Bedroom

A very popular private jet option is the Cessna Citation XL/XLS/XLS+. These jets have very wide and fully-reclining seats which creates a very comfortable sleeping position. These reclined chairs have the same look and feel as a bed which gives its passengers’ the utmost comfort during their journeys. These jets are mainly for journeys of four to five hours and offer top-notch convenience and amenity.

3. Bombardier Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 is very spacious with one it having one of the largest cabins in the super-mid category. The stand-up cabin includes a spacious lavatory, gallery prep area with a microwave for fresh and hot meals, and a very comfortable lounge area with beautiful leather seats and a three-seat divan. If passengers need to sleep in a flat position, the divan can easily be reconfigured into a bed for longer flights.

4. Gulfstream G650ER Bedroom

Next, there is the Gulfstream G650 which is a jet that possesses maximal cabin amenities which includes a very spacious bedroom and even a private entertainment zone for passengers to watch their favorite films and shows. Onboard this particular jet, there are chairs that electronically recline into flatbreads and a divan that converts to a double bed. The Gulfstream G650 is perfect for those traveling in bigger groups because of its spacious zones and accommodation for sleep and comfort! Additionally, the lightweight of the jet gives the passengers the opportunity to land in smaller airports and better access than commercial airlines.

5. Dassault Falcon 900 Bedroom

For those who list bed in a private jet as a necessity for their choice in a charter, the Dassault Falcon 900 is a popular choice of great pedigree and efficiency. Its unique three-engine configuration offers flexibility and safety in regards to their flight. The comfortable cabin not only has a built-in restroom and wardrobe but two seats have the ability to be combined in order to make a full-length bed. This provides a bedroom experience for the passenger on the flight. In addition, the other chairs can be reclined for each of the individual passenger’s comfort preferences.

6. Airbus A319CJ Bedroom

First produced in the mid-1990s, the Airbus A319 jet is the picture of sophistication and luxury. The spacious cabin itself is divided into different sections which include an office, a passenger seating area, a shower and bathroom, and a bedroom. These VIP quarters give the passengers the ability to do whatever they need for the duration of their flight which is very valuable. On this private plane, the master bedroom has a king-sized bed with an accompanying bedside table. This personal bedroom creates the utmost comfort and relaxing sleep for long trips. In addition to the bedroom, many of the chairs in the lounge recline into flatbeds for more opportunities to lie in a flat position for the flight.

7. Bombardier Global 6000 Bedroom

The Bombardier Global 6000 is nothing short of great pedigree and finesse. The main cabin is spacious with it being one of the widest cabins in its class. The wing design of this jet provides a peaceful and smooth ride and which helps passengers to have a great night’s rest. Not only is the main cabin spacious, it can be reconfigured in a number of ways to fit the needs of the passenger whether it be to conduct conferences, to rest, or to eat. What is even greater is at the rear part of the cabin, there is a room that can be rearranged as a personal bedroom with the divan turning into a double bed. These impressive features give the passenger’s a comfortable and rest-filled flight!

8. Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Bedroom

The Boeing Business Jet is one of the largest commercially available private jet. Most of these jets have dining tables, showers, full conferencing suites, bedrooms, and more. This makes the jet feel more like a home rather than a jet. The BBJ is not simply one of those planes with beds in them but rather a spacious aircraft that has endless customizable options that can accommodate different individuals’ lifestyles. The master bedroom on the jet ensures a restful, private, and comfortable flight for their passengers!

9. Embraer Lineage 1000E Bedroom

The Embraer Lineage 1000E creates its own class of comfort with double the cabin and baggage space of many of its competitors. The cabin is normally divided into five parts which could possess a bar, dining room, bathroom, a spacious shower, and a master bedroom. These areas ensure comfort, relaxation, and entertainment and are accommodating to each of the passenger’s needs during the trip. The master bedroom is perfect for catching z’s on a long-range flight.

10. Bombardier Global 7500

The Bombardier Global 7500 is one of the private planes with beds in them. It possesses one of the largest cabins in its class which explains its maximal comfort and space. Passengers on board this luxurious plane can expect the cabin to be divided into four zones which accommodates those who need more privacy or space on their desired plane. The Global 7500 has a personal master bedroom suite with a proper bed rather than the expected converted divan. In addition to the master bedroom, there is a separate entertainment section with a high-definition TV for those individuals who want to enjoy watching their desired TV shows or movies. There is also a dining area with Nuage seats and tables that can be converted into a banquet-style seating. This accommodates the passengers’ needs and ensures comfort and relaxation!

There is nothing better than being comfortable and these private jets with bedrooms and beds on them promise a flight of luxury and satisfaction. Charter Flight Group knows that sleep is essential and a necessity to their clients and wants to accommodate each of their client’s needs and preferences. These private jets with bedrooms provide the opportunity for a pleasant and splendid flight! We offer numerous higher-end private jet charters with bedrooms and will help identify the best jet for your needs. If you book your preferred private jet with Charter Flight Group, you will be able to expect efficiency and faster-than-most response time and be able to travel rested in a matter of hours.