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7 Things to Know About Private Jet Etiquette | CFG

7 Things to Know About Private Jet Etiquette


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7 Things to Know About Private Jet Etiquette

As the private jet industry grows larger and larger, it is becoming more accessible and thus more popular among the population. However, flying by private jet comes with a set of unwritten rules. Commonly referred to as “jetiquette” there are certain guidelines that differ from regular commercial flights. If this is one of your first times traveling by private jet,  it is important to know these unwritten private jet rules to best prepare for your first flight. This is a guide for those who are about to experience their first-ever trip and have questions about these unwritten private jet rules. Read below for seven things you should know about “jetiquette” for your first time flying private jet charter.  


First on private jet etiquette is that it is very important and polite to arrive on time. Flying by private jet does allow for more flexibility because you do not need to adhere to a strict commercial flight schedule. However, you should not take this for granted. Often the pilot has many other things to do in the day and it is rather impolite to let them sit and wait. This is why it is important to look over your itinerary and plan for getting to your private plane punctually. It is a more convenient and faster process than commercial flights, but it is still good manners to arrive slightly early to secure being on time. This will ensure that you will arrive at your destination at your desired time. 

Dress Code

Also, you might be wondering about what to wear when you are about to board your first ever private jet. While there is no specific dress code for flying on a private jet, it is best to dress appropriately for the occasion. For instance, on a business trip, you should dress formally. If instead, you are traveling with friends and family, then it is fine to be casually dressed. A lot of passengers like to “dress the part” when traveling by private jet by leaving their sweatshirts and flip flops at home. This also allows them to arrive at their destination feeling fresh and ready to check off their first item on their vacation itinerary. 


Thirdly, there is an unwritten rule about letting the person who paid for the flight gets the best seat on the plane. This should mean if you are invited on a private jet trip, you should let the owner or person paying for the jet onboard the plane first. Boarding after or last will help you avoid any seating mishaps. 


Another question you probably have flying private for the first time is about luggage and the amount of luggage you can bring.  This is not an infinite number because of the private plane’s limited space. In fact, jets often have weight restrictions which vary on the type of plane, how many people are flying, how much fuel is needed for the trip, and other factors relating to weight on the plane. Often, people are suggested to bring one large and one small carry on but once again this can vary. It is important to know these luggage guidelines for your plane and to pack accordingly.  


Like anywhere, good manners apply in the air as well. This does not mean you can be afraid to ask for whatever you would like such as an alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage or a specific kind of meal. However, these requests should be made when you book your flight so the flight crew can best accommodate it. If not, they might not have the resources for all of your cravings or diet restrictions. Also, enjoy the food and beverages but do not overindulge on them. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol on board the jet but it is important not to drink too much to the point that it affects your behavior!

Travel Documents

This is standard with every flight even commercial but it is important to bring all your necessary travel documents. Traveling by private jet is more convenient because you can skip all of the long lines and hassles, but this does still mean that you need the proper documentation. For domestic flights, a license will suffice. However, for international flights, it is important to also have your passport.  


Lastly, you might be wondering about tipping the flight crew. It is recommended to do so if you greatly enjoyed their services. In addition to the cabin crew, it is also nice to tip the pilot. The pilots themselves do several other jobs besides flying the plane such as helping to load your bags onto the aircraft and flight planning. So overall, tipping is not a necessity but it is immensely appreciated. The amount of your tip comes down to your personal preference and how expensive the flight was. 

These are the basic things to know about “jetiquette” and are often asked when someone is flying private for the first time. We want you to enjoy your flight and relish in the convenience that flying private gives you. Charter Flight Group can help you book your private jet charter today and you can be traveling anywhere you wish. Contact us today!