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The Different Sizes of Private Jets


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The Different Sizes of Private Jets

private jet is a jet aircraft created for transporting small groups of people. It is categorized according to their sizes.

Very light jet (VLJ) is the latest classification started by the Eclipse 500 launched on December 31, 2006, which was initially offered at approximately US$1.5 million,  more economical than existing business jets and similar with turboprop airplanes. It went along a bubble for air taxi services, represented by Day Jet, which stopped operations in September 2008. Eclipse Aviation failed to maintain its business model and declared bankruptcy in February 2009. Cessna at the same time created the Citation Mustang, then the Embraer Phenom 100 and the Honda Jet.They have a ceiling take-off weight of 12,500 pounds and are allowed a single-pilot operation.

Light jets have been the core of the business jet industry since the introduction of the Learjet 23 in the early 1960s. They give access to small airports and the speed to be an efficient travel instrument. Aircraft of this class include Beechcraft Premier, Cessna Citation Jet, Hawker400,Learjet 31, Learjet 40, and Phenom 300.

Mid-size jets are appropriate for longer-span travel such as continent-wide flights and travel with higher passenger capacity requirements. Aircraft of this class include Citation Excel, Hawker 800, Learjet 45, Learjet 60.

Super mid-size jets highlight a wide-body cabin space, high-altitude capability, speed and long scale.  These jets bring together transatlantic capacity with the speed and comfort of a wide-body and high-altitude aircraft.  Aircraft of this type are Challenger 300, Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Falcon 50, Gulfstream G200 and Hawker 4000.

Large jets include Challenger 600, Falcon 2000, Falcon 900 and Legacy 600.

Private jet charter companies possess and operate private jets for various clients. They manage all areas of aircraft operation and maintenance. Private jet charter companies administer aircraft for a private owner or corporation and manage the sale of obtainable flight time on the aircraft that they own or manage.Maintenance facilities can be offered, which normally include on-site or mobile fixing, major and minor regular check-ups, troubleshooting, help away from the station, avionics setting-up and repair, jet engine and battery service, interior adjustments and overhaul, Inspection Authority (IA) competent inspectors, aircraft designing and financial projections, compliance with service updates, aircraft storage management, record keeping and technical evaluation of private jet purchases.

Private jet charter companies provide the maximum quality private aircraft hire, be it for business meetings, aircraft rental for corporate affairs, travelling privately for entertainment purposes orleasing a jet for personal travel. Private jet charter companies have the experience and the capability to ensure that bring you to where you need to be, when you need to be there with luxury, elegance and comfort.

Private jet charter companies offer convenient and fast access to the business opportunities throughout the world, allowing business leaders to make the most of the probabilities given by globalization. No corner of the globe is too far away and no chances that are unreachable.With the private jet charter companies, the extensive distances between your business and new prospects is no longer an issue.