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The Benefits of Using Foreflight for Your Chartered Flight


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The Benefits of Using Foreflight for Your Chartered Flight


Foreflight has become one of the most popular and most-respected aviation applications made available for both iPad and iPhone. This app is essential for pilots and professional flight crews because they use it for planning and filing chartered flight plans, pre-flight and in-flight weather access, download electronic charts and maps and more.

How to get the app:

Tap on the App Store Icon on your iPad/iPhone home screen, in the search box, type in “Foreflight” found at the upper right. You will see then the mobile app appears as the first search result, from there, you can tap FREE and then INSTALL. This will now start the downloading process. When the download is complete, the mobile app icon will automatically add to your iPad’s home screen. To open the app, just tap the icon. Yes, you can download the ForeFlight Mobile app from the Apple app store for free with one-month free trial subscription.

ForeFlight has these features:

В·В В В В В В В В  Flight Planning – To plan your chartered flight, use touch planning, interactive route editing, altitude and route advisors, and SID/STAR previews. It allows you preview arrivals, departures and approach procedures on the map visually.

В·В В В В В В В В  File & Brief – Allows you to file, amend or cancel VFR and IFR flight plans with Lockheed Martin Flight Service or DUATS from your iPhone or iPad and get confirmation in just seconds. Pilots can also get an official FAA flight briefing from this feature to prepare for their chartered flights.

В·В В В В В В В В  Weather –Through Graphical AIRMETs and SIGMETs, global winds aloft data and hundreds of weather imagery products, it enables you to deliver about the real-time weather conditions along your route quickly and visually. Map layers include:

a)В В В  Flight categories

b)В В В  HD NEXRAD composite radar

c)В В В  Visible and IR satellite

d)В В В  Visibility

e)В В В  Lightning

f)В В В В  Temp and dew-point spread

g)В В В  Sky coverage

h)В В В  Wind conditions

i)В В В В В  Global winds aloft

В·В В В В В В В В  Plates and Charts – This quick access place enables you to view approach, charts, arrivals, departures and airport diagrams.

В·В В В В В В В В  Airport & FBO Information – This allows you to check on global airport directory with over 25,000 locations. It also allows you to view frequencies, runways, weather and more. Comprehensive FBO directory provides fuel prices, services, amenities, photos, contact information and more.

В·В В В В В В В В  Weight & Balance – This feature allows the pilot to determine if the aircraft is just within the weight and CG limits for the entire chartered flight with easy data and load entry.

В·В В В В В В В В  Logbook – This is a digital logging tool wherein you can easily track hours, currency, ratings, endorsements and more.

В·В В В В В В В В  Avionics Connectivity – It has in-flight wireless connectivity to send and receive flight plans or get GPS, ADS-B or AHRS capabilities.

В·В В В В В В В В  Hazard Advisor & Profile View –This tracks your GPS position and altitude to depict hazardous terrain and obstacles of your planned route. To determine safe altitudes, this feature also gives you a side view of terrain and obstacle elevations.

В·В В В В В В В В  Cloud Documents – It allows the pilot to connect their cloud storage account (Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Box) and upload documents to the app.   В