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Must-Explore Tourist Spots in Seoul


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Must-Explore Tourist Spots in Seoul

Seoul is an amazing city, filled with delicious food, great attractions, and one-of-a-kind shopping districts. The number of things to try in Seoul is boundless, and unique experience awaits visitors. The city isn’t only connected to K-Pop; Seoul has a lot of tourist attractions and below is a list of a few of its spots:


Do you want to learn about the culture and history of South Korea? Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Built in 1394, the palace was destroyed and restored for a number of times. The palace is situated in Seoul’s northern city.

It is considered as the biggest palace in South Korea. Inside the palace are heritage architectures, customs, objects and other things on the inheritance of the Joseon Dynasty. Since the palace is so spacious, you can take wonderful pictures in this remarkable place.


If you are into fashion, then Myeongdong is the place for you. It’s the main and famous shopping spot of Seoul. If you want variety, then Myeondong is the place where you can find internationally-known brands to unique ones. The shopping district also has several fast foods, family restaurants, and Korean, Japanese or Western dining choices. A lot of restaurants in Myeongdong specialise in Donkas or pork cutlets and kalguksu or thick noodles.

Don’t forget that the place is also famous for Korean cosmetic brands like Missha, Etude House, the Face Shop, Skin Food and Laneige!

Lotte World

Lotte World is great for family and friends. It’s the world’s biggest indoor amusement park. Lotte World can be found near the Jasmil Station in the center of town.

The amusement park has lots of games to offer like canoe boating around the park, ice skating, mini roller coaster and other exhilarating rides.

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower can be found on Mt. Namsan and provide a great view of the whole city, and is a Seoul’s symbol ever since it opened in 1980.

After a major rehabilitation, the tower also got a new name. The tower is a now a cultural space with numerous shows, exhibitions, movies and classy restaurants and snack bars.

Itaewon Tourist Zone

This district is second to Myeongdong when it comes to the most visited. There’s an American base near it. Itaewon is famous for its leather goods and clothing, garments, jewelry, antiques and their international food settings.

Namiseom Island (WinterSonata)

For those who love Korean Drama, Nami Island is a place that doesn’t require an introduction.   This is the location where the popular Korean Drama Winter Sonata was shot. So to make it short, it’s a must see for Asian tourists!  The island was created because of the building of the Cheongpyeong Dam. It has a half-moon shape with an area of 462,809 square meters, and the grave of General Nami can be found on the island who led a vital victory during the 13th year of the 7th KingSejo of the Joseon Dynasty against rebels.

These are just a few of the considerable reasons to visit Seoul. Unquestionably, this vibrant city is worth a private charter flight soon. For your private charter flight needs, Charter Flight Group can help you. Call us now!