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Mitsubishi Regional Jet: Japan’s First Passenger Airliner after Several Years

On November 11, 2015, the first ever passenger aircraft created in Japan in more than half a century had made its first flight, a vital step for the country’s aim of globally competing as an aircraft developer. The Mitsubishi Regional Jet, with Pratt & Whitney as engines, is the first ever commercial airliner manufactured in Japan before the YS-11, which was propeller driven and was created by a conglomerate of various Japanese companies from 1960’s to 1970s.

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet that can accommodate up to 92 passengers flew at 9:35 a.m. Wednesday. The gull-nosed Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the famous aircraft to bring the name of Mitsubishi since the Zero fighter of World War II, traveled over the Pacific Coast and Japan for almost and 1 hour and 30 minutes. Accompanied by Japanese military airplanes, it achieved a speed of 280 kilometers/hour and an altitude of over 15,000 feet.

People rejoiced after the two-engine aircraft, roughly 115 feet long, landed in Nagoya at 11:02 a.m.

After its first successful flight, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. is anticipating to increase sales against competitors from the leading aircraft manufacturers and newcomers in the market today.

The Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has postponed the delivery date of Mitsubishi Regional Jets three times; finally working with bullet-train experts to make sure the airplane is ready to fly anytime soon. Since then, the company has 407 orders, which included options and purchase rights, for two varieties of the aircraft, with first versions in line for delivery to All Nippon Airways Company in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

The aircraft will openly compete with aircraft from Brazil’s Embraer SA and Canada’s Bombardier Inc. that has less than 100 seats and with routes to regional cities from hub airports.

The following are a few things that you should know about the Mitsubishi Regional Jet:

1.    It’s more popular than Japan’s last plane.

More than double the number of these jets has already been retailed than Japan’s earlier passenger airliner, a propeller aircraft that can accommodate 64 passengers, but ended production in 1974 – after options and rights were incorporated.

2.    It offers more headroom than its rivals.

The aircraft provides more headroom than its competing planes. At 2.03 meters, it narrowly edges out the 2 meters for the 88-seater Embraer E175 and the 1.89 meters for the 90-seater Bombardier CRJ900.

3.    It’s lightweight.

The maximum weight of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet is 94,358 pounds or 42,800 kilograms, quite light as compared to the Gulf stream G650ER, which is 103,600 pounds.

4.    Traveling across the United States? You could be on one soon.

The aircraft’s maximum range is 1,780 nautical miles, or 3,310 kilometers can make it fly, for instance, from New York to Denver. US commuter carriers Sky West Inc. and Trans States Airlines Inc. are the two largest purchasers of the aircraft – both of which have airport hubs located in Denver.

Certainly, with all its impressive features, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet is another aircraft to must-ride in soon. However, if flying on a commercial flight isn’t your thing, you always have the option to go on a charter plane flight. At Charter Flight Group, we can arrange a private flight according to your wants and needs. Call us at 888-634-449 and speak with one of our skillful staff.