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How-To Fly On A Private Jet - Charter Flight Group

How-To Fly On A Private Jet


November 15, 2021

Jordan Brown

Whether you are traveling for a vacation or a business meeting, a private aircraft can give you a matchless experience of ultimate convenience mid-air. The grandeur and comfort of flying private can put many first-class airline provisions to shame.

However, getting a private aircraft seems like a much more daunting task than booking a flight ticket. Lucky for you, this guide discussed the process of flying private and tips for making your private air travel safe and hiccup-free.

How to Fly Private?

Before we jump into the tips and tricks for maximizing the safety and benefits of private jets, let’s discuss how to fly private. Here are the standard steps:

1: Finalize Your Itinerary

First off, you need to finalize your trip details. Which airport are you flying to? When do you want to depart from your current location?

Thus, when you plan on flying private, let the charter company know the exact date and time of travel.

Plus, make sure you convey the number of people that will be flying. Doing this allows the operator to make the best provisions and prevent any disappointment or hassle.

2: Decide on Aircraft Type

What kind of aircraft do you want? Are you flying for business and need to take your whole team along? Or are you going on vacation and need an entertainment unit in the private aircraft?

Private jet charter operators have a wide range of aircraft available. So, they can cater to any request you may have. For instance, Charter Flight Group allows you to select a private jet charter from an impressive number of over 6,000 airliners, turboprops, and executive jets.

The type of aircraft you choose will depend on the number of people flying, the distance, and the purpose of the trip. Here are the common types of private aircraft:

  • Turboprop: A turboprop is ideal for short flights lasting an hour or two. It can land on smaller airports that have runways ranging 4,000 feet to 5,000 feet in length.
  • Light Jet: A light jet is small in size and is suitable for seven people. Since the cabin is smaller, it is not possible to stand. But, light jets have lavatories and other necessary amenities. Like turboprops, they are suitable for short-distance traveling.
  • Midsize Jet: If you are traveling for more than three hours, a midsize jet is the right choice. You will be able to stand in the cabin and move around comfortably.
  • Heavy Jet/Ultra-Long Range Jet: These are larger jets with taller cabins. They have a wide array of amenities and entertainment options, making them better for longer trips.

3: Choose the Charter Operator

Once you have decided everything, go ahead and select the charter company most suitable for your preferences. With respect to safety, Charter Flight Group is the best option, considering the pilots know everything about the particular jet they are flying and have FAA-issued licenses. As for the jets, they are all ARG/US certified – a standard only a small portion of private charter companies hold up to.

Here are a few things to consider when making a decision:

  • Safety: Private jet safety should be the top priority of a charter company. At Charter Flight Group, safety is at the heart of what we do. Every aircraft is ARG/US certified, and WYVERN authorized. These ratings indicate that the aircraft complies with the industry’s most strict standards.
  • Pilot Expertise: Air travel is not like booking an Uber where any amateur could take you to your destination. Charter Flight Group only permits pilots with WYVERN approval and an FAA-issued commercial pilot license to operate private aircraft. Plus, all pilots undergo strict training to ensure the ultimate safety of our clients.
  • Amenities: Part of the reason people want to fly privately is the amenities. Charter Flight Group offers a large number of private plane amenities to meet each client’s individual needs.
  • Cancellation Terms: When booking a private aircraft, you want to maximize your benefits. So, it is best to review the cancellation terms and check the company’s policy for refunds if you will reschedule or cancel your trip.

4: Make Payments and Sign Agreements

When you book a private aircraft, you will be required to sign a few documents. Once you have made the payment, you are all done.

5: Show Up to the Runway and Get Flying!

Finally, you just have to show up at the date and time your flight is scheduled. It is good practice to arrive at least 20 minutes before departing time. It gives the crew sufficient time to finish the final checks and load your luggage.

When you fly with Charter Flight Group, you can easily evade the possibility of being late or arranging a last-minute taxi since we provided transportation to and from the airport. So, you can request our transportation services if you want a car to pick you from your hotel or home on the day of the flight. Rest assured, we make no compromises on punctuality.

Keep in mind that you should not keep the aircraft waiting as it might be needed by someone else at your destination. Also, some companies may charge you a late fee if you are late.

The CFG Jet Card Membership Program

  • Access Preferred Network of 5,700 private jets worldwide
  • Ultimate freedom of choice of FAA Part 135 approved aircraft
  • No commitment; no membership fees; cancel any time
  • Extend membership to anyone in your company or travel party
  • Prestigious executive jet concierge service available 24/7/365
  • Personalized luxury from gourmet catering to VIP ground transport
  • Get free jet upgrades based on availability

How to Fly Private Frequently?

If you plan on flying private frequently throughout the year, you should not have to repeat all these steps every time. That is bound to get tedious.

Instead, you can get a membership or opt for a fixed rate or route program.

Charter Flight Group offers Jet Card Memberships for frequent travelers, offering additional perks and unparalleled comfort.

You can avail of same-day flights in just a few hours of scheduling. A team personally caters to all your needs, guaranteeing a relaxing and seamless travel experience.

Likewise, if you often travel between the same routes, you can opt for the Fixed Route Program. It provides you with a fixed rate for your route. Plus, you do not have to give instructions each time since the company and crew will prepare everything as per your liking beforehand.

One of the significant benefits of choosing these programs is transparent pricing. Some companies quote you a specific price and then surprise you with additional charges at the end of the trip.

Meanwhile, Charter Flight Group has an all-in pricing model, including everything from airport fees and crew charges to fuel and insurance.

How Much Does Private Jet Travel Cost?

The safety and benefits of flying private come at a price, which is much higher than a regular airline ticket. Several factors determine the private jet prices. These include the type of aircraft, size, number of people traveling, distance, and amenities.

Here are the approximate costs of flying different kinds of private aircraft:

  • Light Jet: $4,000 to $5,500
  • Medium Jet: $5,500 to $9,500
  • Heavy Jet: $11,000 to $20,000

All these costs are for hourly rentals in the US.

How To Fly Private on a Budget?

Have you ever wondered how to fly private without breaking the bank? It is definitely doable if you share the charter service. Here are some ways to do it:

Empty Legs

Not all private plans have passengers in them. Some are merely repositioning. Thus, they are non-revenue flights, and you can find a seat aboard for up to 75% off.

However, keep in mind that these flights do not have catering unless you have made prior arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Chat With the Pilots?

Once the plane has reached cruising altitudes, talking to the pilots on a private plan is acceptable.

Is There a Seating Protocol on Private Jets?

No, there is no seating protocol when flying privately. However, if you are a guest, let your host decide the seating criteria. Similarly, if you are traveling for work, assign everyone a seat according to their level of importance in the mid-flight conversations you might want to have.

Is There a Lavatory on Private Jets?

A private aircraft may have a fully or semi-enclosed restroom, depending on its configuration. Many super-sized and medium jets have fully equipped bathrooms with bi-fold or hardwood swinging doors.

How Much Baggage Can I Bring?

In private aircraft, there is no restriction on the luggage you can bring. But keep in mind that some jets have smaller cabins, so there might not be enough space for large bags. If you have any relevant queries, you can consult your provider about how to fly private with lots of luggage.

How To Fly Private With Pets?

It would be best if you talked to your private aircraft provider beforehand about how to fly private while having pets onboard. While some providers may allow it, others have restrictions against pets. Some might charge you a cleaning fee if you decide to let your pet out of their cage.

Should I Tip the Pilot or Crew Members?

That depends on the charter company’s rules on how to fly private and tip. While some allow gratuity, others strictly prohibit it. If the company allows and you want to appreciate a crew’s service during the flight, you can tip them $50 to $300, depending on the flight duration.

Experience Matchless Comfort and Safety

Now that you know how to fly private, you can contact us at Charter Flight Group to make arrangements for your next air travel.

    We offer flights across the United States and more. Fill in your information to talk to a rep today.

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