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Facts about the SpaceLiner


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Facts about the SpaceLiner

A Space Liner is a sophisticated model for a suborbital, hyper sonic, winged passenger carrier or transportation, which is presently under investigation at the German Aerospace Center since 2005. It has been anticipated that if its progress is continuous and enough subsidy is obtained, the Space Liner could be a functional space plane in the future.

The model design also forecasts the specially designed passenger cabin to operate as an independent rescue capsule which, in the case of emergency, can be separated from the vehicle thus allowing the passengers to return safely to Earth.

The Space Liner model is composed of a two-stage, vertical takeoff, horizontal landing pattern with a huge unmanned supporter and a manned stage designed for 50 passengers and two crew members. The entirely reusable system is speeded up by a total of eleven liquid rocket engines, which are to be run using cryogenic liquid oxygen and hydrogen. After engine endpoint, the passenger stage will enter a swift soaring flight stage and shall be capable of travelling long international distances within a very short time. Space Liner’s flying time from Australia to Europe, the selected reference mission should take just 90 minutes. Shorter distances would then be achievable in less than 60 minutes.

The main feature of the Space Liner model is its full reusability and vehicle mass-production, which will directly resemble production rates of the aviation industry. It is expected that there will be an on-going and successive production to deliver a significant increase in cost effectiveness compared to the usual space transportation systems of the early 2000s. A foremost challenge lies in improving the safety standards and especially the strength and reliability of space mechanisms such as rocket engines so that they will become appropriate for the daily operation of a passenger transporter like the Space Liner, while also meeting the required reusability standards.

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