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When You Charter a Private Jet Flight to Kansas City When you charter your private jet flight to Kansas City, be sure to convey to your expert consultant exactly what you need. There are two primary airfields on which to land and depending on the reasons for your private flight and the demands of the jet you choose, your private jet consultant will help you make the best choice for you. We believe that the client is the boss and we see to it that you are treated like royalty. That is why we choose only pilots and flight crews with stellar records of service in the et charter industry; in fact, a less-than-perfect record from any of our applicants, be they ground or flight crews, means that they must seek employment with one of our competitors. We only hire the best because that is what you deserve.In Kansas City, the two airports that you will fly into are Kansas City International, located to the northwest of the city beside I-435 and Charles B. Wheeler Airport, located in downtown Kansas City, right alongside the river. The difference between these two airports is seen very quickly by private jet charter clients. Whereas Kansas City International serves mainly commercial flights, Charles B Wheeler, dedicated by Charles Lindburgh in 1927 as the city s first airport, ceased to commercial traffic many years ago and now serves mainly private corporate and charter flights only. The clear choice for most private jet charter flights is Charles B. Wheeler.

Kansas City

Major Airport:
Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport
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Airports near Kansas City

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92MU - Parks Field

7MO4 - Flintlock Field

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MO51 - Schaback Strip

Originally a cattle town, flying into the city one can still see the livestock yards to the north of I-35. It is a spectacular view than many flying into Kansas City International fail to appreciate. As for things to do, well, Kansas City has naturally grown considerably since those early days on the western frontier. Besides major sporting venues, museums, trail rides, spas, amazing golf courses, fountains, theaters, and art galleries, some of the must dos are the Harley Davidson Factory tour (rev your engines), Hallmark Visitors Center (yes, headquarters of Hallmark cards), and Missouri Town (a step back in time to 1855). However, Kansas City is not just for fun and pleasure. Business interests abound in Kansas City, with several Fortune 1000 companies making this their home. Notables include H & R Block, Crayola, Dairy Farmers of America, Kansas City Southern (naturally), Sprint-Nextel, and oh, don t forget Russell Stover Candies just to name a few. So whether you are booking your private charter jet flight for pleasure or for business, there is plenty of both in Kansas City.

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