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Charter Flight History with the Hawker 400


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Charter Flight History with the Hawker 400

Hawker-400Hawker-400At Charter Flight Group, we love the private jet charter aircraft we provide to our clients and the Hawker 400 is no exception. However, the Hawker 400 was not always the Hawker 400, as the interesting and strange history of this fine aircraft reveals.

The Making of the Hawker 400

The Hawker 400 actually began its long and esteemed history as the Mitsubishi Diamond. In the 1970s, the Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan wanted its own corporate jet for the heads of the company. Tasking the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries division with designing and building a corporate jet worthy of use by the President and his colleagues, no expense was spared in creating the ultimate in light jet travel. The result was the Mitsubishi Diamond. The aircraft lived up to expectations and in short order, the company was selling these around the world. However, within a few years, American aircraft manufacturer Beechcraft sought and won the design from Mitsubishi.

The sale proved to be perhaps the best deal that Beechcraft ever made. Beechcraft then took the design without any major modifications and sold the aircraft as the Beechjet 400. This proved to be the best-selling aircraft in the Beechcraft family ever. For many years, the Beechjet 400 sailed the skies to the delight of corporate owners and charter flight clients the world over. Then, came Hawker.

The Absorption of Beechjet 400

Once Hawker and Beechcraft came under the same house, Hawker took the increasingly popular Beechjet 400 and made improvements. The new and improved model then became the Hawker 400. Based on the same fuselage and airframe as the original Mitsubishi Diamond, the Hawker 400 simply added modern improvements including improved insulation to further reduce outside engine noise and two Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 turbofan engines for additional power.

In the subsequent model, the Hawker 400A, the fuel tanks were moved below the cabin to increase cabin space for added comfort. In the Hawker 400XP, additional enhancements added greater range and payload capacity, making an already excellent light business jet even better. However, the Hawker 400 was not to last. In 2009, facing a global economic downturn and the resulting crisis among aircraft companies, Hawker ceased production of the Hawker 400 line.

The Diamond/Beechjet/Hawker 400 Refuses to End

As with anything truly great, the Hawker 400, once the Beechjet 400, once the Mitsubishi Diamond, refuses to go silently into the night sky. In 2011, Nextant Aerospace brought back the aircraft, this time resurrecting it as the Nextant 400XT. Thus, the Mitsubishi Diamond/Beechjet 400/Hawker 400 continues to delight charter flight clients around the world. Call it what you will, a rose by any other name, the Hawker 400 as it is known by most, is perhaps one of the most beloved private charter aircraft in the world and as history proves, it is not going away any time soon.

Here at Charter Flight Group, we are proud to offer not only the Hawker 400 and Hawker 400XP, but also its sisters the Beechjet 400 and Mitsubishi Diamond for private jet charter flight use. To secure your own Hawker 400/400XP/Beechjet 400/Mitsubishi Diamond for your next private charter jet flight, simply give us a call. We have expert charter planners available 24/7/365 to ensure you get the right jet every time.

English: hawker 400XP
English: hawker 400XP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)