What to Expect from Travel Restrictions in 2022

PUBLISHED ON 01.24.2022

As we wrap up our first month in 2022, there is still plenty of uncertainty as COVID-19 continues to affect communities, with new variants leading to new restrictions. After over a year of travel restrictions, there are many questions about what to expect moving forward, especially as the pandemic appears to continue to carry on. Moving forward into 2022, one can expect to see some more of the same COVID restrictions but also a consistent rebound in the travel industry.

Over a Year of COVID Restrictions

Over the past year and a half, there have been many COVID restrictions implemented throughout the world, many of which have impacted travel and travel restrictions. COVID restrictions have included mask mandates, building capacity limits and complete shutdowns of non-essential businesses. Meanwhile, travel restrictions have included states and countries requiring quarantine periods upon entering or shutting their borders entirely. These restrictions have directly and indirectly harmed the travel industry.

Many commercial airlines implemented their own COVID restrictions. These restrictions included mask mandates on flights, reduced passengers and leaving the middle seats open. However, even when travel was possible throughout most of the pandemic, few travel destination options were available. Many destinations implemented closures that shut down many appealing travel options. Now, fortunately, the travel industry is starting to recover, travel restrictions are easing, and options are available once again. It seems that the worst and strictest travel restrictions are over, but as we start 2022, we are not yet in the clear.

What to Expect Moving Forward in 2022

As the world has adjusted to the coronavirus, industries and governments have increasingly found ways to cope. This includes the travel industry. Therefore, there is plenty of reason for optimism that most complete closures and border shutdowns are behind us. Approaching 2022, travel restrictions are relaxing, and the travel industry is starting to bounce back, meaning that you can begin to make travel plans once again while looking forward to your next trip.

Some destinations are still closed entirely, but most places have reopened to travelers in some capacity. As a result, almost all destinations have some COVID restrictions in place. Travel restrictions will likely change frequently throughout this year and 2022. Therefore, it is important to research and see which ones may apply in the location you are visiting to make the most of your trip.

Mask Mandates

Currently, it seems that one of the most certain expectations for air travel restrictions is that masks will continue to be a requirement for some time. After the guidance that vaccinated individuals do not need masks, COVID cases began to increase again, and the US mask mandate was extended until January 2022 for all public transport passengers. With the spike in cases that occurred when the mandate was last lifted, it appears that next time there may be more hesitancy before considering lifting a mask mandate.

Vaccination or Quarantine Requirements

Other COVID restrictions are being imposed at the discretion of different states or cities. Although it is possible to travel anywhere in the states, there may be restrictions once reaching the destination. For example, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New Orleans require proof of vaccination before entering establishments like bars, hotels, or casinos. Other destinations require a quarantine period upon arrival, often up to 10 days. This will likely continue into 2022 for at least some destinations.

International Travel Restrictions

Depending on case numbers, international travel may continue to be highlighted by COVID restrictions. Some countries, like Germany, require travelers from the US to be fully vaccinated to enter the country. For those not vaccinated, other countries will allow travel with proof of a recent negative COVID test or quarantine during the first 10 days of travel. It appears that this may be a common, continuous possibility. As case numbers fluctuate, countries may respond with either stronger or looser restrictions. It will be important to research your destination so that you are always on top of the latest information.

Potential for Easing Travel Restrictions

However, after more than a year of dealing with the coronavirus, there are more and more ways to adapt besides just travel restrictions. Growth in technology may create more ways to cope with COVID restrictions and allow for worry-free travel. Scientists have responded by producing infrared laser thermometers and rapid tests for the airport. Meanwhile, with vaccinations reaching FDA approval and the development of booster shots, there seems to be even more reason for hope that travel restrictions will continue to ease rather than the opposite.

Continued travel restrictions may largely depend on the number of cases moving forward. With the fluctuation and unpredictability of COVID cases, the near future remains entirely uncertain. However, the world has begun to adjust better to the virus, meaning that restrictions will not last forever. As cases decline, COVID restrictions will decrease as well, allowing more worry-free travel.

The Difference When Flying

Among the many other benefits of bypassing commercial travel, flying a private jet charter gives you the luxury of reducing your risk and avoiding many daunting COVID restrictions. By flying private, you can avoid the long lines of TSA and the large crowds throughout the airport. Private flights deliver passengers straight to the runway, allowing you to skip the crowds completely. Each flight goes out through a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), meaning that the security check-in process is separate from commercial passengers.

When flying on a private jet charter, you can enjoy your flight without worrying about the extensive restrictions and still remain safe. Flying private means that you only fly with the passengers that you choose. This puts you at a lot less risk than on a commercial flight. In addition, Charter Flight Group takes several precautions to ensure that you can fly with peace of mind, like sanitizing each airplane and mask-wearing amongst the crew.

Charter Flight Group works to carry out advanced safety measures for every flight. Each plane faces rigorous safety measures, meeting ARGUS safety standards and WYVERN approval. Each pilot is extremely qualified, with an FAA-issued pilot license and meeting WYVERN safety standards. Every pilot flies the same plane model every trip so that they are familiar with their plane and there is no adjustment period during the trip. Charter Flight Group goes to extensive safety measures so that you can focus on reaching your destination comfortably.

As 2022 approaches, travel is rebounding steadily, leaving plenty of reason for excitement. When planning on booking your next flights this year and into 2022, contact Charter Flight Group. We strive to provide all of our passengers with a safe and enjoyable travel experience. For frequent flyers, we offer an even easier, smoother travel experience. Our Fixed Route Program allows members to lock in a fixed rate when frequently traveling between the same two destinations, while our Jet Card Membership offers members the chance to book at a consistent hourly rate with several opportunities for upgrades.

If you have questions about travel restrictions when flying private, contact Charter Flight Group. From a pleasant in-flight experience to multiple membership programs, we work to take care of our passengers and make every trip smooth. Book with Charter Flight Group today.


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