What Is a Shared Charter Flight?

PUBLISHED ON 04.18.2022

It is well-known that a private flight offers a ton of convenience over commercial flying, allowing you to skip security lines. However, there is another option for those who want all of these benefits but are looking to save some money. Shared private jet flights provide most of the benefits of a private flight at a slightly lower price point and can even allow you to earn flight credits toward a future trip. The next time you fly, consider the option of a shared private jet charter.

What Are Shared Charter Flights?

Shared charter flights are a convenient way to offset the price of your flight. These flights allow you to purchase or sell seats that are not being used on a private flight. Shared charter flights are also a great way to reach popular domestic or international destinations by buying unused seats without the inconveniences of flying commercial. Purchasing seats on shared charters is cheaper than paying for your own private flight.

Access to seats on shared private jet flights is often exclusive to those with private jet memberships or jet cards. Depending on the charter company, these memberships may come with regular, additional fees. However, other companies do not require any subscription fees.

Shared Private Jet Charter vs. Private Flights

Shared flights and private flights have several key differences. A shared jet charter offers less privacy than a private flight as you will be traveling alongside other passengers. These flights operate under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules Part 380. Shared jet charter flights typically take place on larger aircraft, where there is more space for additional passengers and their luggage.

A shared flight can feel more like a commercial flight in some ways. Because there are other passengers, shared flights are less flexible and may not wait for you if you are running late. Additional passengers also lead to more possibilities for delays if there are problems boarding or other issues.

Despite the potential drawbacks, shared private flights still offer advanced amenities, quicker boarding, fewer crowds and access to airports that commercial flights do not have. Because there is less potential for choice and customization on a shared flight, this option is often great for additional getaway trips. Many travelers choose to fly to a destination if they see that the seats are available for a reasonable price.

Of course, when you fly via private jet charter, you have access to your own personal flight without other passengers on board. On a completely private flight, you are in total control, choosing your fellow passengers and customizing your onboard experience. These flights typically allow you to choose the specific aircraft you would like to travel with, choose the airport to travel to and book trips on your terms at times that work for you. Completely private flights are also more accommodating to your schedule and can even wait for you if you are running late.

Private flights receive a special designation and operate under FAA rules Part 135. These rules state that it is impossible to sell or buy seats on any private flight under this designation. When you fly via private jet charter, it is entirely up to you whether you prefer to fly under Part 135 or Part 380 rules. In the process of scheduling your next trip, you can weigh the costs and benefits of flying via either a shared or completely private flight.

Booking a Shared Private Jet Charter Today

For more information about how to share a charter, contact Charter Flight Group. Our 24/7 concierge service will work with you to discuss your options. Whether you are looking for a private flight or a shared charter flight, we can help. We strive to provide everyone on board with a comfortable and complete flight experience, including onboard snacks, an accommodating flight crew and plenty of peace of mind as every aircraft and pilot meet strict safety standards. We also offer multiple rewards programs for our passengers to benefit from. Book with Charter Flight Group today!


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