Washington Dulles vs. Reagan National: Best Washington, D.C. Airport

PUBLISHED ON 06.24.2021

When flying to or from the Washington, D.C. area, private travelers have the option of traveling through Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) or Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). But which one should you choose? 

Both airports have their perks, so it really comes down to personal preference. But to help you make your decision, we have created a handy IAD vs. DCA airport guide. We are sharing all the information you need to know about these neighboring airports, from their locations to their flight requirements.  

Airport Location

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of choosing an airport is the runway location.

On the one hand, Reagan National Airport is located in Arlington, Virginia, roughly 5 miles outside of Downtown D.C and just 3 miles from the National Mall. Its proximity to The District makes it a prime option for travelers who are vacationing or attending business in the city. On the other hand, Washington Dulles Airport is located further west in Dulles, Virginia, about 23 miles from Reagan airport, making it around 27 miles from Downtown D.C. and 25 miles from the National Mall.

When it comes to DCA vs. IAD in terms of location, it really depends on where your final destination is in relation to the airports. If you are looking for easy access to the Nation’s Capital, you may decide to go with DCA. Conversely, if you are traveling to another area in Virginia, you might want to avoid D.C. altogether and fly through IAD.

Regardless of which airport you choose, do not underestimate traffic in the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area, especially during rush hour.

Airport Information

Reagan National Airport is the smaller of the two airports, featuring three runways. It has two on-site Fixed Base Operators (FBO) and sees a daily average of 816 flight operations. DCA airport was originally intended for short- to medium-haul flights, while Dulles was reserved for longer hauls and international flights. In fact, DCA has a perimeter rule dating back to 1966, which restricts the distance that certain flights can travel. Currently, only 20 daily flights can exceed the airport’s 1,250-mile perimeter.

As for Washington, D.C. Dulles Airport, it is home to four runways. This airport has a daily average of 799 flight operations, and like Reagan, Dulles Airport has two FBOs on-site.

Flight Requirements

There are some specific flight requirements depending on the airport, many of which only apply to Reagan airport.

For instance, as of 2005, all aircraft traveling through Reagan National Airport must enroll in the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) DC Access Standard Security Program (DASSP) or obtain a TSA waiver. This program requires all in-bound and out-bound flights to provide itinerary and flight manifests within 24 hours of travel. All DASSP-approved flights must also have an armed security office (ASO) onboard. Unlike federal air marshals, who are hired by the TSA, these private security specialists are often hired by the private charter company.

It is also important to note that Reagan National Airport complies with the DCA Nighttime Noise Rule, which limits certain aircraft from landing or departing between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Non-compliant aircraft may face fines if they operate during the curfew.

Flights through Reagan airport must also comply with the Prohibited Airspace (P-56A and P-56B) regulations. This means that most commercial and private aircraft cannot fly over certain restricted areas, including the airspace above the White House, Naval Observatory, and the U.S. National Mall, which extends east of the U.S. Capitol Building and just west of the Lincoln Memorial. The federal government reserves the right to pursue legal action against pilots who violate these regulations, which could lead to pilot license revocations and even jail time.

Book Your Private Flight To Washington, D.C

At the end of the day, both of these airports are great choices for your private travels.

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