The Shape of Comfort: The Hawker 400XP’s Unique Cabin Design

PUBLISHED ON 05.06.2024

This month at FlyCFG, we shine the spotlight on the Hawker 400XP, a leading model in the light jet category and a favorite for both pilots and passengers. Recognized for its robust performance, spacious cabin, and impressive handling, the Hawker 400XP stands out as a top choice for short to medium-range missions.

The design lineage of the Hawker 400XP can be traced back to the Mitsubishi Diamond, subsequently purchased by Raytheon and transformed through updates into the Beechjet 400 and 400A. In 2004, Textron Beechcraft refined the 400A into the 400XP, enhancing its design until the end of its production in 2011. The 400XP model continues to serve as a bestseller thanks to its unique combination of speed, space, and advanced avionics.


  • Speed: 518 MPH
  • Range: 1,534 nautical miles
  • Seating: Up to 7 passengers


Engineered for Excellence

Equipped with two Pratt and Whitney Canada JT15D-5 engines, the Hawker 400XP offers a rapid climb rate, soaring to 37,000 feet in just 18 minutes. Each engine delivers 2,965 pounds of thrust, powering the jet to impressive heights quickly and efficiently. These engines also provide a significant boost in performance compared to earlier models, with increased gross weight capacity and a redesigned fuel system that adds to its operational efficiency.

The avionics suite features the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 EFIS, which includes a traffic alert and collision avoidance system, enhanced ground proximity warning, and a built-in diagnostics system that enhances reliability while reducing maintenance demands. Enhanced navigational maps and geo-referencing technology offer pilots advanced tools for safe and efficient navigation.

Cabin Comfort and Design

The interior of the Hawker 400XP is notably comfortable and spacious, thanks to an innovative square-oval design that enhances the sense of roominess. The cabin measures 15.5 feet in length, 4.8 feet in height, and 4.9 feet in width, offering about 306 cubic feet of total volume. Seating up to seven passengers comfortably, the cabin layout is optimized for both business efficiency and relaxation, featuring plush seats and ample legroom.

Natural light floods the space through ten large windows, while 51 cubic feet of baggage space, including 27 cubic feet accessible during flight, accommodates everything from suitcases to golf bags. This makes the 400XP not only a pleasure to fly in but also practical for a variety of travel needs.

Your Ideal Travel Partner

Choosing the Hawker 400XP through FlyCFG allows travelers to experience a blend of performance, comfort, and reliability unmatched in the light jet class. Whether for business trips or leisure escapes, the 400XP ensures a smooth, enjoyable, and efficient journey.

To book your next flight or learn more about the Hawker 400XP, contact FlyCFG. Our team is dedicated to tailoring your travel plans to your specifications, ensuring that each journey you undertake with us is as seamless and satisfying as possible. With the Hawker 400XP, elevate your travel experience to new heights where superior performance meets unmatched comfort and style.

Dylan Anderson


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