The FlyCFG Difference: A True Team

PUBLISHED ON 10.30.2023

The word team is often watered down. It has come to mean a company has multiple sales agents or a contract with a call center to bring the aura of customer service. It may be a team on paper, but only sometimes works in a way that is truly effective. 


FlyCFG is different. 

Instead of a handful of basement brokers who shut down outside of working hours, the dedicated team at FlyCFG is available around the clock to help you. By creating a non-competitive culture where everyone is working toward the same goal of providing unmatched customer service, FlyCFG is able to provide an experience a small brokerage simply cannot compete with. 

“A lot of the FlyCFG difference is behind the scenes,” said Lindsay Begnaud, Director of Sales for FlyCFG. “What they do not see is the technology that lands their request on my screen minutes after it is received and the extensive team of client services folks there to back me up so requests are dealt with as fast as possible.” 

When clients reach out with a request, the technology behind the scenes kicks into high gear, ensuring that their needs are promptly in front of our team of experts. Clients often marvel at how rapid our response is to aircraft requests. 

The booking process has been refined to a few simple clicks, doing away with the cumbersome forms and back-and-forths that often characterize the private aviation industry. With us, it is as easy as buying something on Amazon. 

FlyCFG’s substantial market footprint is not just a display of its size but a testament to its robust negotiation capability. With a pronounced buying power stemming from our volume of business, FlyCFG is adept at securing better pricing, a benefit that invariably trickles down to the clients.

FlyCFG's focus on long-term client relationships isn’t just about the numbers; it's about forging bonds that stand the test of time. Every interaction is viewed as an opportunity to solidify a client relationship, a mindset that sets FlyCFG apart in a competitive landscape.

The blend of experience, dedication, technological innovation, and a client-centric approach form the backbone of FlyCFG’s superior client service. At the heart of it all is a true team that works in unison, setting a benchmark in the private aviation sector and establishing FlyCFG as one of the best in the business. 

“We have a very, very dedicated team and we have a lot of well-seasoned veterans in private aviation,” Begnaud said. “We try to be competitive with ourselves. Because we have so many veterans that understand the value of being part of a true team, we are able to provide a truly comprehensive that puts the client above all else.”

Jordan Brown


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