The Expert’s Touch: Book your holiday travel like a pro

PUBLISHED ON 11.21.2023

As the holiday season approaches, the skies become a bustling highway of travelers heading to festive destinations. At FlyCFG, we understand that navigating this seasonal rush can be overwhelming.

Our agents are not just booking consultants; they're your travel experts, combining years of experience with a deep understanding of private aviation. They know the ins and outs of the market, the nuances of holiday scheduling, and the best ways to ensure your experience is as magical as the season itself. 

As you gear up for your holiday travels, let our agents' wisdom guide you. From selecting the perfect jet to making the most of our experience, these tips are your key to a seamless and luxurious journey. 

5 Top Tips for Holiday Jet-Setters with FlyCFG

1) Be flexible with your dates - With FlyCFG, we can find you a flight whenever you need to fly, but flexibility can be your best friend during the holidays. Our team of aviation experts is constantly combing the market for great flights, and with a little wiggle room, can often find you a higher-pedigree aircraft for your trip. With lots of planes in the air for the holidays, we may even be able to match you with the perfect empty-leg flight to get you the best deal possible for the holidays. - David Ossa, FlyCFG Private Aviation Advisor

2) Book early if you can- It may seem obvious, but it is always best to book as early as you can. Once you have your dates finalized, our aviation experts quickly find the best flight for your specific needs. The earlier you book before your trip, the more options our team has when finding your flight, which often translates to getting a higher-pedigree aircraft at a lower price. If forced to book last minute, our extensive relationships in the market give us an edge when sourcing aircraft. - Lindsey Begnaud, FlyCFG Director of Sales

3) Consider your aircraft’s luggage capacity - It is easy to book a jet with enough seats for everyone, but a common mistake for some travelers is not considering their belongings. Consider your length of stay and what activities you may get into over the holidays. Maybe you need room for an extra week's worth of clothes, some space for your skis or just some additional capacity to bring back the Christmas presents, FlyCFG can source aircraft that can accommodate both you and your stuff. - Jude Dineen, FlyCFG Senior Aviation Advisor

4) Choose the airport closest to your final destination - One of the best benefits of private aviation is the ability to fly to an airport closer to your final destination, further cutting down on travel time over the holidays. Rather than needing to deal with traffic around a busy international hub, you can step right off the plane and into your ground transportation in seconds and spend more of your quality time with the ones who matter most. - Adam Petruccione, FlyCFG Private Aviation Advisor

5) Bring the whole family, including your pets - With more and more airlines discouraging traveling with pets, there can often be few options at the holidays. Rather than leaving your fur-bearing family behind, bring them along with you in the cabin of a private jet. With FlyCFG, flying with pets is easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. The holidays are supposed to be about family and that includes the four-legged ones too. - Dylan Flyer, FlyCFG Private Aviation Advisor.


Choose FlyCFG and make your trip as special as the holiday season itself. Our team of pravel pros will make sure this is a season to remember. With our top-notch service, flexibility, and broad access to high-pedigree aircraft, we make your holiday travel experience just as good as the destination.

Lindsey Begnaud


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