Private Jet Food Catering & Dining

PUBLISHED ON 02.18.2021

Private Jet Food Catering & Dining

With flying private, you can expect all of your needs to be catered to. One of these needs can be the type of food that you want to eat for the duration of your flight. Catering while in the air can be a little different from catering on the ground.  Charter Flight Group strives to provide the services you need so that you can enjoy your flight to the fullest. The catering provided is of utmost quality and designed to suit your needs. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about private jet meals and catering. 

Do catering options vary by aircraft type?

Private jet meals can range from a light snack to a five-course meal. However, catering does vary by aircraft type, gallery space, and the availability of a flight attendant. Larger jets have heating because of the extra gallery space which means that the clients can order food that requires to be heated up. These dishes can include fine dining options such as pre-prepared meals by a chef which are then finished by a flight attendant during the flight. On the smaller private jets, the food provided is often lighter dishes that can be served cold such as pastries, sushi, fruit and cheese platters, and sandwiches. Also, smaller jets do not always include a flight attendant, so the pilot commonly sets up the catering before the client’s arrival at the aircraft. Despite the variation, Charter Flight Group always tries their best to accommodate your catering wants for your particular charter. For instance, food could be warmed prior to the flight if the passenger wants a warm meal.

What kind of food can I have catered?

Charter Flight Group provides a standard menu to its passengers that they can look over and order in advance. These options provided on the menu are made to order and can be chips and salsa or filet mignon. The most popular requests are fruit plates, cheese and crackers, and vegetable trays. If the desired meal while aboard the private jet is not on the menu, clients can request other specific meals. Additionally, Charter Flight Group is able to accommodate your preferences of catering meals from different restaurants if you want a meal that they serve. The meals can be ordered from these restaurants, kept cold, repackaged for delivery, and then brought to the aircraft. Without catering, you can expect a standard stock of snacks and beverages such as chips, pretzels, sodas, waters, coffee, juices, and some spirits. If you have a specific preference for a beer, wine, or spirit, the catering can be arranged for your liking.

What about dietary restrictions or special requests?

Dietary restrictions are absolutely able to be accommodated to. It is important to communicate with a Charter Flight Group client services member to include vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or any other kind of dish that satisfies your dietary needs. Additionally, dishes can be catered to small children’s preferences if they differ from your own. If you have any special requests, Charter Flight Group will do whatever they can to fulfill them. If there is a particular meal, beverage, or snack that you desire, you can expect it to be accommodated to. No request is too outrageous! Special occasions can also be celebrated while in the air with champagne, flowers, birthday cakes, and more.

How far in advance do I need to order catering?

At Charter Flight Group, we know that our clients live busy lives which means you can submit requests for catering up until the day before and sometimes even the day of depending on the kind of request. You can expect to have delicious food during your flight and a great overall dining experience!

Charter Flight Group strives to give their clients the utmost experience from their luxury aircraft to the food that they are served. From simple snacks to complex dishes, we make great efforts to accommodate to every catering request made in order to serve you the exact meal or snack you are looking for while aboard one of our private jets. You can expect everything to be personalized and made to your preferences. Book today with Charter Flight Group and we can help fulfill your catering needs while in the air!

Jordan Brown


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