Private Jet Charter to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville

PUBLISHED ON 04.11.2022

Every year the Kentucky Derby makes headlines as enthusiasts and gamblers watch the fastest horses in the world go head-to-head. The event will attract spectators from all over to see the action. Flights for this iconic event will undoubtedly go fast. Flying private gives you a great opportunity to make it to the event stress-free, but you should make sure you have all of the information about the event so you can book your Kentucky Derby private jet today and start planning for the highly anticipated event.

Attend the Kentucky Derby in Louisville with Private Jet Charter

Between the trademark hats and the prime talent on the track, the Kentucky Derby provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The Derby takes place at the historic Churchill Downs in Louisville. Outside of the race itself, the Kentucky Derby has plenty to offer in its tradition and roots. There are numerous events surrounding the race, including a preceding two-week-long festival that embraces the culture of Louisville and the event, making the whole experience unforgettable.

Attending the Kentucky Derby by private jet is the best way to ensure that you enjoy the event on your terms and avoid the crowds of attendees traveling commercially. Choose your preferred aircraft and arrival date so that you can choose the festivities you partake in and make the experience our own.

The Best Airports for the Kentucky Derby

Louisville is the largest city in mostly rural Kentucky, meaning that there is a limited number of airport options compared to other destinations. However, there are still some decisions to make. Your lodging and commute will influence your decision on where to fly into for the Kentucky Derby.

Louisville International Airport

This is the best airport for the Kentucky Derby, bringing your private jet into Lousiville. The airport is set right in the heart of Louisville and provides easy access to downtown and some of the best museums the city has to offer. The airport is only an eight-minute drive from the stadium. The only drawback is that Louisville International Airport is the main airport in the city and will be far busier than the other options and surrounded by a lot more traffic.

Bowman Field

Bowman Field is a historic airport located just outside central Louisville. The airport is just over a 15-minute commute from the Derby, making it a very convenient place to plan for your arrival. Bowman Field is one of the oldest operating airports in the world, so flying into the smaller and quieter airport also gives you the opportunity to explore history on your way to the Kentucky Derby. The character of the airport alone, and the smaller number of travelers, may be enough reason to choose to land here.

Samuels Field

Located in Bardstown, Kentucky, Samuels Field offers a slightly quieter arrival location for the event as it is set away from the far busier Louisville International Airport. Samuels Field is a 45-minute commute from the Kentucky Derby and will give you more of a chance to explore the history surrounding Louisville.

Other airports that are within 50 miles of the event but outside of Louisville include Clark Regional Airport in Jeffersonville, Elizabethtown Regional Airport in Elizabethtown and Capital City Airport in Frankfort.

About the Kentucky Derby

The 2022 Kentucky Derby will take place on May 6 and May 7. This year marks the 148th installation of the Kentucky Derby, maintaining all of the tradition and excitement that make it a household spectacle. The Derby highlights 20 of the fastest horses in the world racing against each other. All the while, fans adorned in beautifully crafted, unique hats and dressed in traditionally classy apparel place their hopes on the horses they wagered to win. Other unforgettable traditions include the mint julep, garland of roses and the Kentucky Oaks.

This year, runners from the United States, Europe and Japan are all hoping to qualify before the event. The Kentucky Derby is known to bring a balance of excitement and disappointment, but it is a remarkable and unparalleled experience for anyone who attends.

Book Your Kentucky Derby in Louisville Private Jet Charter Today

Kentucky Derby private flights will go quickly, so book early to cement your chance to attend the historic event. For more information on the 2022 Kentucky Derby, contact us at Charter Flight Group. Our 24/7 concierge service will help you with any questions you may have when planning your trip.

On your way to the race, Charter Flight Group works to provide you a comprehensive experience where you have access to thousands of flight options, extensive amenities, and are secured by extensive safety measures. We also offer expansive rewards for our frequent flyers. Book your flight with Charter Flight Group so that you can experience prime comfort and be a part of the history. Get a free quote today to gain a full picture of your travel opportunities.


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