Private Jet Air Traffic Control Towers

PUBLISHED ON 11.08.2021

Wanderlust and the freedom of travel! Many people have it, and the ability to fly a private jet opens up the world to them.

When you think of flying, the thought of being at a busy airport makes you wonder if it is worth it? Why mess with all the hassle? The traffic and congestion of people and planes make travel less desirable.

Travel can be fun again because there are private jet air traffic control towers you can use. Many of these towers are located at General Aviation Airports and they open up many new and exotic locations for you.

Air Traffic Control Basics

Air traffic control towers have a specific controlled traffic region around their airport. This could be a thirty to a fifty-mile radius that they are responsible to manage. They manage all of the planes within that radius. 

Commercial and private planes will communicate to the tower when they enter the airspace so the controllers know exactly who they are responsible for. This helps them plan safe passage and keep the planes safe from each other.

Some of the towers have special sections that are responsible for private jet traffic, while other sections focus on commercial planes. Then there are air traffic towers that focus only on private jet air traffic.

Private Jet Air Traffic Control Towers

Smaller airports have their own version of air traffic control for private jets. They focus on the small private jets and individual planes that come and go from their airport.

They are not as busy as the large commercial airports and may have hours that the planes have to workaround. In some areas, the control tower is part of a private airstrip so there is a fee to use their services.

General Aviation Airports

General Aviation Airports are smaller regional airports that focus on smaller traffic than the big commercial airports. Their strength is their location. They are often closer to specific locations that people want to travel to.

Commercial airports are often located well outside specific cities, but general aviation airports can be located within the city itself or near the desired location people want to visit.

Commercial Airports Private Focus

Some of the larger commercial airports have even begun catering to the private jet community. They have opened up specific terminals for private jet flights and often give them preferential treatment for take-offs and landings.

PS at LAX offers private suites with their own bathrooms. The suites have widescreen TVs along with food and drinks. There is a spa that is available and the guests are driven by a chauffeur to their jet when it is time to leave.

The Jetex VIP terminal at Al Maktoum airport in Dubai is another example of a commercial airport catering to the private jet community.

This terminal has gym equipment, a fully stocked kitchen, and a toddler-sized foosball table the kids can enjoy. Plus, they have a coffee shop that makes cappuccinos with images of passenger’s faces.

Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport has opened the Fattal VIP terminal for their private jet passengers. The hotel there has private rooms, a business center, a cigar lounge, tax-free shopping, butler, and chauffeur services.

Exotic Air Traffic Control Locations

One of the best parts of private jet travel is the ability to go to many more locations without the hassle of commercial flying. No more standing in line at the airport and no more shrinking seat space in business class!

If you want to get away to the Florida Keys, why not fly there directly? Marathon Airport is located in the heart of the keys. They cater to private jet traffic and can take care of the plane while you enjoy the best of the Keys.

Hawaii offers incredible options for private jet travelers. Lanai island is served by the Lanai Airport and Maui is served by the Maui Kahului Airport. These airports cannot take commercial flights but welcome private jets.

Private jet air traffic control also opens up locations around the world as well as in the United States. London has a few private jet terminals that you can access so you don’t have to go through Heathrow.

Biggin Hill airport is a private jet terminal just south of London. It offers the Signature terminal which has conference rooms, a snooze room, and shower facilities to freshen up before your flight. 

St. Kitts has a separate terminal for private jets next to its main commercial terminal. KayanJet FBO offers personalized menus, private sun decks, and nap rooms. Plus they have tax-free shopping and a children’s area for the kids.

Private Jet Options

With the growth of private jet travel and private jet air traffic control, more people are choosing to fly with private jets. There are more options for private jet travel now than ever before.

Many companies will take care of all the details for you regarding your travel experience. Some companies now offer memberships and options that make private jet travel more affordable than ever.

You can even pick the type of plane you want to use for your travels. Private jets come in six categories: Turbo, very light, light, mid, super mid, or heavy. Each category has different options depending on what you are looking for.

The World Awaits

Private jet travel has opened up so much more of the world to everyone. The convenience and time of flying directly to locations cannot be matched with a commercial flight.

Safety is also a key component as well as convenience. Private jet air traffic control towers make sure that your private flight is as safe, if not safer than any commercial flight experience.

Contact us and learn how the world of chartered private flights has expanded across the globe. We will handle all the details so you can focus on your personalized travel experience.


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