How Much Luggage Can I Take On A Private Jet?

PUBLISHED ON 05.01.2023

Packing can be the most stressful and important part of any trip. Whether you are going on an overnight stay or a multi-week journey, having all of your belongings is essential. A limiting factor on all of this may be how much luggage you can take on board, especially if you are flying on a private jet. Private aircraft are smaller than commercial counterparts, so there may be less space to accommodate multiple suitcases or oversized luggage than on a commercial flight.

Each aircraft and jet company has different private jet luggage capacity limits, so it is always good to review some overall guidelines and examples that may help you when packing for your next private flight. 

Luggage guidelines to consider for each size of jet

Light Jet

  • Between 5-6 passengers, 5-6 pieces of luggage
  • Aircraft example: Beechcraft Premier I (78 cubic feet), Cessna Citation CJ1+ (45 cubic feet)

Mid-sized, Super-Mid Jet

  • Between 7-10 passengers, 7-10 pieces of luggage
  • Aircraft example: Embraer Legacy 450 (177 cubic feet), Cessna Citation Sovereign (135 cubic feet)

Heavy Jet

  • Between 11-20 passengers, 11-20 pieces of luggage
  • Aircraft example: Embraer Legacy 600/650/650E series (286 cubic feet), Gulfstream G V/500/550 (202 cubic feet)
Each private aircraft is unique in its size and shape. As a general rule, at least one piece of luggage of roughly 50 pounds and one carry-on item is permitted per passenger on small jets. However, the larger the jet, the more flexible and spacious the aircraft will be.

Another thing to consider is that many private jets provide external and internal luggage space. Keep in mind, you cannot access the external luggage space during your flight, but you can access the internal luggage area inside the passenger cabin. The total luggage space requirements mentioned below are the combined total of both of these storage spaces.

Here are the answers to some common private jet luggage questions:


Do I need to go through airport security with my baggage?

While private jet travelers still go through security with their baggage, this is within the private jet terminal or FBO and allows you to board the plane much more quickly. 

Where do my bags go while on a private jet?

It depends on the size and pedigree jet you choose. Typically luggage is stored in the back of the cabin, but some planes also allow seats to be folded down to accommodate larger items like a golf bag or pair of skis. Larger jets can also have a luggage compartment in the nose that can accommodate larger items. 

Can I access my items while the plane is in flight?

Depending on where the luggage is stored, you will be able to access items on the flight. Most items will be stored at the rear of the cabin and will be easily accessible mid-flight. Larger items may not be accessible, but you can choose where certain things go before you take off, ensuring access to what you need when you need it. 

Here is our detailed private jet luggage guide broken down by aircraft size. If you are ever in doubt, you can always contact your private jet company for specifics about luggage limits on your particular aircraft.

Light Jets

Because light jets have limited space, jet companies often limit private jet luggage to one item per passenger on these smaller aircraft. These jets usually accommodate five to six passengers, meaning there is room for five to six pieces of luggage. To get an idea of how much luggage space is available, the Beechcraft Premier I has a total baggage volume space of 78 cubic feet, while the Cessna Citation CJ1+ only has 45 cubic feet of total luggage space, so space can depend on the aircraft you are flying on. If you plan to travel lightly, a light jet will provide plenty of space.

Mid-Size and Super-Mid Jets

The bigger the jet, the more space you will have for luggage. Mid-size and super mid-size jets often carry anywhere from seven to 10 passengers, which means they have room for roughly seven to ten items. When it comes to actual dimensions, Embraer Legacy 450 has some of the most luggage room for an aircraft in this size category and features an impressive 177 cubic feet of space. Other roomy jets in this category include the Gulfstream G280 with 154 cubic feet and the Cessna Citation Sovereign with 135 cubic feet of space for your baggage.

Large Jets

If having more luggage space is important to you, then a large jet may be right up your alley. Depending on the style and model aircraft, the jet may have room to carry anywhere from 11 to 20 pieces of luggage. You will find some of the most spacious luggage areas on the Embraer’s Legacy 600/650/650E series, which feature 286 cubic feet of space. Another particularly spacious option is the Gulfstream’s G V/500/550 model, offering up to 202 cubic feet of space for your luggage. These size jets are your best option if you need additional space for larger or heavier items. For example, if you need to pack golf clubs or skis, inquire about the private jet luggage capacity on these larger jets before choosing your specific aircraft.

As private jet luggage capacity can vary from aircraft to aircraft, even if they are in the same jet class, it is best to contact your jet charter company for specific details on your private jet. At Charter Flight Group, we are on hand to answer all your questions and accommodate your travel requests whenever you need. We strive to provide you with the most elite private jet services to ensure you have a flawless flight experience. And on top of that, private jet safety is second to none when you fly with us, as we meet the strictest safety standards in the industry.

Whether you need room for one small, standard suitcase or want a jet big enough to accommodate larger sporting equipment, allow us to help. Contact us at Charter Flight Group today, and we will match you up with the perfect-sized jet to meet your luggage needs.

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