Flying Private for Thanksgiving 2023

PUBLISHED ON 10.17.2022

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there is a good chance you are still toying with the idea of staying in town or jet setting somewhere new. Do you want to celebrate the holiday at home in your PJs or fly across the state for your annual Friendsgiving tradition? You could hop on a last-minute flight and surprise your extended family for their turkey dinner, but then again, the Florida beaches sure look nice this time of year. There are so many travel choices and so little time. 

The beauty of flying on a private jet charter on Thanksgiving is that you can make your travel decision at the very last second. In fact, you only need to give us a four-hour heads up. New York or Naples? Decide the day of when you use our seamless reservation services. With Charter Flight Group, it is easy and hassle-free to book an on-demand private flight wherever and whenever you want. 

Forget About Travel Stress

With our convenient booking services, flying on Thanksgiving day is easy. You will find 24/7 private jet charters at your service, no matter how early or late in the day. With us, there is no such thing as “last-minute” or “too late” to book a private charter. Any time, anywhere, just say the word, and within four hours, you will be wheels up and well on your way. 

Travel for Thanksgiving can also be stressful with long airport queues, traffic, and delays. Thousands of individuals and families go to major airports to travel all across the country to celebrate Thanksgiving. With crowded airports, the entire airport process takes a lot longer than usual which can be frustrating and stressful. By traveling by private jet for Thanksgiving, you are able to avoid crowds and potential delays that you would otherwise experience at the airport. If you are flying private for Thanksgiving, you can arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure because it is a faster check in procedure. Thus, you can avoid chaos and begin enjoying the holiday a lot faster!

Travel The Globe

Maybe you are looking to whisk your family away somewhere tropical, or perhaps you are using the holiday as an excuse to take care of business. No matter if you are looking to escape the cold or a family gathering, you can fly far, far away at the drop of a hat. Book a last-minute trip and surprise your brother with a Thanksgiving visit or treat yourself to that solo trip you have been putting off for months. 

With us, we invite you to fly in style to one of more than 6,000 airports around the world. You will find private charter flights that will get you across the country or across the pond. Private charters fly from the Florida coast to the mountains of Colorado. Take a private jet to the iconic beaches of Southern California or the charming towns of New England. Spend your Thanksgiving weekend on a Hawaiian island or in a ski lodge in Montana. With airports across the nation and in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and beyond, your Thanksgiving just got a little more exciting.

Experience a New Level of Sophistication

When you decide to reserve a last-minute flight on Thanksgiving on a private jet, you can rely on Charter Flight Group. We are all about the details. No request is too little or too much for us as we strive to account for each and every one of your personal requests. We cover all the elements to ensure you have an elite flying experience, from arranging the VIP transportation you arrive in to reserving your lodging reservations at your destination. When you’re on board with us, you will fly in complete anonymity with the utmost comfort and style. Enjoy privacy and sophistication, and sit back and allow us to personally cater to all your travel needs.  

Pick Your Aircraft

With Charter Flight Group, you get to pick more than just your destination and your flight schedule. We give you the option of choosing the kind of aircraft you’d like to travel aboard. We have a fleet of more than 6,000 turboprops, executive jets, and airliners. Our list of private jet comparisons invites you to explore the options and make the choice that is right for you. From the Citation Ultra to the Beechcraft King Air 300, each private charter is eagerly awaiting to cover your last-minute flight on Thanksgiving. 

Experience Elite Safety

When you fly with a jet charter company for your Thanksgiving travels, you can expect nothing short of the five-star treatment, but you can also expect the highest standards of safety. We enforce strict private jet safety regulations to ensure your private flight is a safe and flawless one. All of our aircraft and private charter flight operators adhere to FAA regulations and certifications, and we require ARG/US and WYVERN safety reports on every aircraft we book. You’re in good hands with our highly trained and experienced flight crew and professionally maintained private aircraft. 

Book Your On-Demand Thanksgiving Flight

This Thanksgiving, let Charter Flight Group take you to your destination on your terms. Book your on-demand holiday flight today and settle in for a safe and elite travel experience aboard your private jet charter.  


Adam Petruccione


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