Facts about the Haneda Tokyo International Airport

PUBLISHED ON 08.08.2022

The Tokyo International Airport is officially named the Haneda Airport. It is one of the principal airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area and is considered the principal base of Japan’s two major domestic airlines, Terminal 1 Japan Airlines, Terminal 2 All Nippon Airways, and at the same time, the Air Do, Skymark Airlines, Solaseed Air, and StarFlyer. Here are some facts about Haneda Airport that could be useful or interesting to know before traveling through it. If you are planning a trip and are wondering what are some things to do near Haneda airport, here is a list of some interesting facts. 

10 Tokyo International Haneda Airport Facts

  1. From 1978 to 2010, the Haneda Airport was the principal international airport that handles and serves Tokyo, Japan. Domestic flights to and from Tokyo are being handled by Haneda. Also, the Haneda Airport caters to scheduled chartered flights to a minimal number of big and major cities in East Asia.
  2. Haneda Airport is considered the third busiest airport in Asia and the fourth busiest airport in the world following Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport (the busiest airport in Asia), and Dubai International Airport.  Estimated passengers per year after the expansion in 2010 are 90 million.
  3. During the empire war era in 1931, the Haneda Airfield was first opened on a small piece of Bayfront land at the south end of the current airport complex. At the time it was built, it was named the largest civil airport in Japan. Tachikawawas replaced by the army air base as the primary operating base of Japan Air Transport and the country’s flag carrier. It was on August 25, 1931, the first flight from the airport.
  4. During the U.S Occupation, on September 12, 1945, when General Douglas Mac Arthur considered the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers and the head of the occupation of Japan, which followed World War II, organized and ordered Haneda to be turned over to the occupation forces. On the next day, he renamed the airport Haneda Army Base Airport and ordered immediately the residents to vacate the area to make room for different construction projects, including the project of extending one runway. On September 21, 1945, within the next 48 hours, more than 3,000 residents received the order to vacate the place immediately.
  5. During the International era in 1951, Japan’s flag carrier Japan Airlines took its first domestic operations. For a few post-war years, Haneda Airport did not have a passenger terminal building. In the year 1950, the European carriers began service to Haneda.
  6. During the Domestic era in 1978, almost all of the international flights were moved from Haneda Airport to Narita Airport. Due to the political conflict between the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China, the airlines that were based in China still use Haneda Airport for many years.
  7. Japan and the People’s Republic of China, sometime in December 2007, made a basic agreement on opening chartered flights between the Haneda Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport.
  8. In October 2010, the third terminal for international flights was completed successfully. An international air cargo facility was also constructed nearby the airport. Also during this year, the fourth runway, which is also called as D Runway was constructed and completed.
  9. Have a layover and need things to do at Haneda International Airport? The airport has over 100 food options and over 100 shops. You can also take a shower, have your shoes shined, do your laundry, or even get your clothes dry cleaned. Wondering if Haneda Airport has free Wifi? Haneda Airport provides free wifi so you can catch up on anything you need to do. 
  10. If you have a lot of extra time during your layover, there are things to do near Haneda International Airport. You can take a train to the city center which is only a few miles away. The Tokyo Monorail and the Keikyu train stop either at or near Terminal 1 and 2 and the International Terminal. Then, you can pick a few sights or neighborhoods to see. The Senso-ji Temple and Asakusa-jinja Shrine in Asakusa are popular things to see. If you like to shop, there are malls and department stores in Shibuya. Harajuku is a trendy spot with good people watching and the Meiji-Jingu Shrine. Lastly, the Mori Tower of Roppongi has great sightseeing views! As you can see, there are many things to do near the Haneda International Airport. 

Private Jet Charter to the Haneda Tokyo International Airport

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