Do Private Jet Travelers Go Through Security Checks?

PUBLISHED ON 05.20.2022

Do Private Jet Travelers Go Through Security Checks?

If you have never flown on a private charter before, you may be wondering do private jets have to go through security? Contrary to what you may have heard, every pilot, flight crew, and passenger must go through some level of security screening before boarding a private aircraft.

However, the security process is often different from what you experience when flying commercially. In many cases, you do not have to stand in long lines or go through security screening with crowds of others. In fact, when you fly private, most times, you will receive your own private security screening just before boarding your aircraft.

While each private airport and charter company may operate slightly differently, below, we discuss what you might expect from private jet security checks when you fly with a prestigious jet company like Charter Flight Group.

Security Lines

When flying commercial, you are asked to arrive at the airport anywhere from two to three hours in advance of your flight to ensure you have enough time to pass through the security checkpoints. This typically involves queuing up in long Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lines, as you provide your identification, pass through metal detectors, and place your luggage on the conveyor belt for X-ray screening.

However, when it comes to private jet security checks, oftentimes, you do not even need to enter the terminal. Many private charters conduct private jet security screening right on the tarmac before you board your aircraft. This means you are only undergoing screening with those who are boarding the same flight as you, so no long lines or crowded areas. And the best part? You do not need to remove your shoes when you pass through the security check for your private aircraft.

Identification Process

As part of the private jet security check, you will be asked to provide proof of identification. Every passenger must present a valid form of identification, including children. If you are flying with a minor, you may be required to provide their birth certificate.

The same goes if you are flying privately to an international destination. You will need to show a valid passport and any other requirements for your specific travel plans, such as a travel visa.

Luggage Screening

Before boarding your private jet charter, the crew may run your luggage through X-ray screening. The crew also reserves the right to search your luggage at any time. One perk of flying private is that you do not need to adhere to the liquid restrictions, so no need to worry about packing travel-sized bottles or limiting the number of cosmetics you bring on board.

Aircraft Access

Another element of passing through security screening that is different when you fly private is that you often receive exclusive access to the runway. Sometimes, you do not even have to step foot in the airport terminal because many private airports allow you to drive right up to your private jet. Because you do not need to pass through the terminal or line up with the masses, you can arrive at your aircraft when you are scheduled to take off instead of hours in advance. Take off as soon as you and your flight crew are ready.


Just because you are flying private does not mean you can skip customs if you are landing in an international destination. All international rules still apply to private charter passengers, from restrictions on what you are allowed to bring into the country to requirements around proper identification, passports, and visas. The only difference is that you may have access to a private customs area, which allows you to avoid lining up with hundreds of other passengers. You will still meet with customs officials, but it will be a much more expedited process than if you were flying commercial.

Now that we have answered all your questions around whether private jets have to go through security, it is time to book your upcoming travels with us here at Charter Flight Group. We excel in delivering a pedigree charter plane service, from our customized flight experiences to our commitment to the strictest safety standards in the aviation industry. Reserve your private aircraft today, and do not miss out on our Jet Card membership perks. When you sign up with our elite rewards program, you earn access to major benefits, from complimentary catering allowances to free jet upgrades. Book and fly today.

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