Did You Know About the Dinosaurs at FlyCFG?

PUBLISHED ON 05.20.2024

In private aviation, constant evolution and complexity are the norms, not the exception. This fast-paced industry is marked by significant turnover, with the average tenure of professionals hovering around seven years — a figure that continues to decline as newcomers attempt to make their mark post-COVID. 

The post-pandemic landscape has seen a surge in new companies eager to capitalize on an expanding market. However, the influx of these fledgling entities often lacks the depth of aviation experience necessary to navigate the demands of private flying.

At FlyCFG, we approach this challenge with a unique asset: our "Dinosaurs." This affectionate term refers to our most seasoned team members, who boast tenures spanning a decade or more. These veterans are much more than employees; they are the cornerstone of our operation and a distinguishing factor setting FlyCFG apart in the industry. 

Our "Dinosaurs" are the backbone of FlyCFG, providing a level of insight and expertise that is rare in the industry today. When you choose FlyCFG, you're choosing a team that has navigated countless logistical challenges and mastered the nuances of personalized customer service, ensuring that your travel experience is seamless and safe. 

With FlyCFG, you are also choosing a team that has organized thousands of trips in their careers, so they know which operators are best as well as the ones to avoid. The breadth and depth of relationships our team has across the world of private aviation is extensive and an asset we leverage for our clients every day. 

The advantage of choosing FlyCFG’s team extends beyond meticulous operational planning. Their veteran insight instills a sense of confidence and calm in our passengers, who know that every detail of their journey is managed by the most capable hands in the industry. From the initial planning stages to the final touchdown, our "Dinosaurs" ensure that all aspects of the flight experience are smooth, enjoyable, and aligned with the highest standards of safety and customer service.

Ready to experience the exceptional with FlyCFG’s seasoned "Dinosaurs"? Our veteran team is eager to demonstrate why their years of experience make a definitive difference in private aviation. Don’t settle for less than the best. Contact FlyCFG today to plan your next journey and see firsthand the unmatched expertise of our aviation veterans. Let our "Dinosaurs" take you there.

Dylan Anderson


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