Benefits of Using Private Charter for Business

PUBLISHED ON 04.17.2023

Business travel can be a hassle, between the early morning flights, wasted hours at the airport and cramped quarters where it is next to impossible to get work done. If you are traveling frequently for work, chartering an aircraft for your trip is often more convenient than taking a typical commercial flight.

Instead of searching for a flight that fits your schedule and hoping there are not any unexpected delays, chartering a jet specifically for your trip is done on your schedule. When you charter a private jet for business, you can get a jet sized right to bring your team with you and features like wi-fi to keep the work flowing, even high in the sky.

This reduces downtime and allows you to maximize the time you have in your day, whether you are taking meetings as you fly, networking with clients on the jet or simply filtering through the dozens of emails you need to catch up on.

  1. Convenience

Commercial aviation is no match when considering the convenience of private jet travel. With just a few hours notice, you can have a jet ready for you when you arrive at the airport. This allows you to skip the bustle of the airport, walk right onto the plane and keep responding to the needs of your business.

Rather than being cramped into a commercial plane with a tray table that cannot even support a laptop, private aviation allows you to spread out and get work done. There is no need to arrive hours ahead of time or wait to spot your bag as it slides down a carousel full of other luggage that looks just like yours. With a private flight, you bring your belongings with you to the plane and watch them loaded on and off the aircraft firsthand.

For businesses with tight schedules, this level of convenience can make a significant difference in the overall travel experience, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – their core operations.

  1. Customization

While commercial travel tries to present the semblance of choice, most of the key decisions are being made for you. If the flight is delayed, you have to wait. If business class is full, you need to file to the back of the plane and forgo any chance of it being a productive trip.

Conversely, private charter flights offer unparalleled customization, allowing businesses to tailor their travel experience to suit their specific needs. You get to select the pedigree aircraft that meets the needs of you and your team, with access to amenities that will impress your clients and keep your employees happy.

Other than flying the plane itself, you are in total control of your trip. Private jets allow you to fly to the airport that is best for you and have a schedule that can optimize efficiency. Every aspect of the journey can be personalized, ensuring that the travel experience aligns with the company's goals, brand image, and preferences.

  1. Productivity

It is a noble goal to try to be productive between the legs of a commercial flight, but it can often take longer to find a way to plug in than the time left to get work done. Between babies crying and flight attendants pitching airline credit cards, the distractions involved in commercial travel are limitless.

Business owners and their teams can use private charter flights to maintain productivity during travel, with aircraft sized right for your team and the amenities you need to keep working. The quiet, comfortable, and private environment enables passengers to work efficiently, conduct meetings, or even relax and recharge before arriving at their destination.

This level of productivity is not possible on commercial flights, where your limited workspace may need to be folded up at a moment’s notice. On a private flight, you call the shots, allowing you to stay connected with your team on the ground with seamless communication and the ability to address urgent matters, even when you are a mile in the sky.

4. Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount for businesses, and private charter flights offer significant advantages over commercial travel.  Private charter flights minimize potential security risks for you and your business with a dedicated crew, strict access control, and the ability to bypass crowded airport terminals.

Private jets also afford you a level of anonymity that commercial travel simply cannot match. Your ground transportation drives right up to the aircraft, your bags never leave your side and your travel plans are reserved for only you and the professional flight crew to know.

Additionally, private jets come with pilots with the highest safety standards on jets that are rigorously maintained to ensure you get where you need to go. Private charter operators match the professionalism you bring to your business, providing you with the utmost level of care.

Book your business travel with FlyCFG

Private charter flights provide businesses with numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness, time savings, convenience, customization, increased productivity, and enhanced safety and security. These advantages make private charter flights an ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their travel experience and optimize their operations. It's time for business owners like you to soar to new heights of success with charter jet travel and FlyCFG is here to meet your business's every need.

We are always on hand to schedule the flight you need when you need it, providing a response within minutes and a dedicated team of professionals ready to accommodate your needs, big or small.

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