5 Benefits of Renting a Private Jet for Disabled Persons

PUBLISHED ON 09.05.2022

Flying a commercial flight for individuals with health disorders, disabilities or handicaps can be quite hard. This makes it a big reason individuals with special needs would rather choose to rent a private jet. Flying in a private jet has a lot of benefits compared to traveling by commercial airlines for individuals with health disorders, disabilities, or handicaps. 

The Charter Flight Group has flown many clients with a variety of physical conditions, which includes people who are temporarily using a wheelchair because of injury, or those who require assistance for walking. Below is a list of things to expect during the flight in a private jet if you are disabled or flying with a wheelchair.

Private Jet Charter Advantages for Disabled Persons

1. Easy Boarding

The process of boarding a private jet is relatively simple; however, for people flying with a wheelchair, it’s much easier. Travelers can be driven straight to the plane steps, where they can pass the security process inside their car, which includes scanning, without getting off their car. After which, passengers can move to their plane at their pacing, and if they require help, the airport crew is always ready to lend aid. 

2. Extreme Comfort While On Board

After boarding the airplane, disabled passengers have seating options, which will make their travel experience more enjoyable. One big advantage is the seating for it has great leg room, seat belts with car seat style for added security, and a club seat-style arrangement. All of the mentioned features allow passengers in a wheelchair easy access out of their seats and help them to be firmly secured for the whole flight. It is important to us that both the ease of boarding and inflight experience is wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, depending on the aircraft’s size, the wheelchair can be easily stored in the cabin storage for stress-free accessibility.

3. Privacy

Another aspect of flying private is the level of privacy an individual can have throughout the trip. While flying private, individuals do not have to wait for numerous people to board and deplane the flight and do not have to share seats as well. Travelers are guaranteed peace and quiet and that their needs are prioritized and attended at a timely manner. 

4. Greater Convenience

Another benefit of individuals with disabilities flying private is the amount of convenience. For instance, travelers do not have to worry about the commute from the parking lot or check-in desk to the security line and then to their gate to wait to board and finally take off. The amount time for this whole process can take upwards of 1-2 hours which can be exhausting. 

Flying private can solve these frustrations because they often take off from smaller airports where parking is nearby and the terminal is very close from the moment you arrive. Travelers do not have to worry about security lines or boarding lines. 

5. Special Requests

Before the trip, special desires or needs can be arranged to make sure that all passengers have a smooth trip. And any special catering requests can be arranged and prepared in advance to have in on board. While passengers with extra or severe physical needs, may it be temporary or permanent, can be arranged to have on board such as oxygen tanks, medical assistance, and more for usage during the trip. Moreover, our team can also prepare medical evacuation flights when needed.

Another benefit of flying private for individuals with disabilities or health conditions is the ground support that we can provide. One example is if you are in a wheelchair, there can be wheelchair accessible ground transportation at both your departure and arrival. 

In addition, service animals can provide physical support to individuals with disabilities and are necessary for travel. If the passenger’s animal can safely travel in the cabin, it may accompany them throughout the flight. Make sure to bring the proper documentation and be in communication with Charter Flight Group about the breed and support the animal provides.

Although charter flights aren’t cheap, depending on the amenities and aircraft size, everything is all worth the charge for a flight that accommodates you. Planning to rent a private jet? Contact us at Charter Flight Group now and get firsthand experience of what and how it is like to fly privately.


Adam Petruccione


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