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Aviation Jargon:

45 Terms Aviation Enthusiasts Should Know

Are Private Jets and Charter Flights Safe?

When it comes to flying on a private charter, safety matters. It is only natural to wonder, are private jets safe? After all, there is a lot that goes into taking flight and getting you to your destination safe and... READ MORE

Flying Private for Thanksgiving 2019

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there is a good chance you are still toying with the idea of staying in town or jet setting somewhere new. Do you want to celebrate the holiday at home in your PJs or... READ MORE

Charter Flight Group partners with TerraPass to...

Charter Flight Group (CFG) has formed a strategic partnership with TerraPass, a leader in the carbon offset retail industry. This program aims to offset the carbon emissions from private aircraft by funding renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects. “Recognizing... READ MORE

Should I Buy a Private Jet?

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