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Aviation Jargon:

45 Terms Aviation Enthusiasts Should Know

Beechcraft King Air 350 vs Pilatus PC-12

Here at Charter Flight Group, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in aircraft for our valued clients. Each one provides a high level of luxury and comfort, but some aircrafts are better suited for a specific flight than... READ MORE

Our Favorite Private Jets to Fly On

Charter Flight Group makes it a point to only provide the best in aircraft to our valued clients. We have extensive knowledge and experience with each type of private jet we charter, so you can trust our suggestions for the... READ MORE

Are you shopping against yourself when booking ...

  So you are interested in chartering a private jet, let’s start by asking these questions: Have you booked a private jet charter in the past? If yes, did you speak with several private charter companies in search of the... READ MORE

Should I Buy a Private Jet?