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    Private Jet Travel to the FIFA World Cup 2022: ...

    Every four years, the world comes together to watch the exhilarating FIFA World Cup. This year, soccer fans from around the world are traveling to... READ MORE

    Private Jet Charter at Christmas and New Year

    The holidays can be a very busy time with the airports full of frustrated passengers. Avoid TSA and travel with us instead. Book your chartered... READ MORE

    What is a Cargo Aircraft?

    There are many different aircraft that serve different functions. Read below for a cargo aircraft guide and how they compare to a passenger plane.  What... READ MORE

    Book a Private Jet to the 2022 MLB World Series...

    You can buy some peanuts and cracker jacks at the upcoming MLB World Series taking place in both Houston and Philidelphia. Not everyone lives in... READ MORE

    Flying Private for Thanksgiving 2022

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there is a good chance you are still toying with the idea of staying in town or jet setting... READ MORE

    Private Jet Charter for Formula 1 Grand Prix in...

    The iconic Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix is being held in Austin, Texas. If you are interested in this event read below and we will... READ MORE

    Tips for Flying Safe During the 2022 Holiday Se...

    As the holiday season approaches, it is time to start booking your flights and making proper travel arrangements. This year is the first in three... READ MORE

    Snowbirds: Flying South for the Winter

    People living in the Northern United States and Canada love to travel south in search of warmer weather. Historically, the US Sunshine Belt, Florida, Hawaii,... READ MORE

    Facts About the Northern Hemisphere

    To study the Earth easier, scientists and cartographers divide the Earth into different segments which are called hemispheres. Hemisphere means “half of a sphere.” The... READ MORE

    Partnering with Jet Agency to Offer 2 New Membe...

    Charter Flight Group (FLYCFG) has announced a brand-new partnership, offering two new memberships powered by Jet Agency. These two memberships include the all-new Hawker 800XP... READ MORE

    5 Benefits of Renting a Private Jet for Disable...

    Flying a commercial flight for individuals with health disorders, disabilities or handicaps can be quite hard. This makes it a big reason individuals with special... READ MORE

    Beechcraft King Air 350 vs Pilatus PC-12

    Here at Charter Flight Group, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in aircraft for our valued clients. Each one provides a high level... READ MORE