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Aviation Jargon:

45 Terms Aviation Enthusiasts Should Know

Charter Flight Group partners with TerraPass to...

Charter Flight Group (CFG) has formed a strategic partnership with TerraPass, a leader in the carbon offset retail industry. This program aims to offset the carbon emissions from private aircraft by funding renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects. “Recognizing... READ MORE

When Is the Best Time to Book A Private Jet Fli...

One of the most luxurious ways to travel is booking a private jet. Everything is taken care of by your charter company, you don’t have to worry about airport lines, and you arrive at your destination comfortably and stress-free. If... READ MORE

Charter Flight Group Aircraft Guide

Here at Charter Flight Group, we strive to provide the utmost in excellence for our clients. Being comprehensive in our services also means our aircraft selection has a wide variety to meet all of our clients unique needs. If you’re... READ MORE

Should I Buy a Private Jet?