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Aviation Jargon:

45 Terms Aviation Enthusiasts Should Know

The Top Private Jet Airports in the US

Need a private flight? Charter Flight Group is ready for takeoff. Our jet charter company will have you in the sky in as little as three hours of you reaching out and making a request. Now it is just a... READ MORE

Private Jet Charter at Christmas and New Year

This holiday season, where do you see yourself? Are you helping arrange the gifts under the Christmas tree at your brother’s house in LA, or are you relaxing at a resort in Palm Beach? Maybe you are ringing in the... READ MORE

Are Private Jets and Charter Flights Safe?

When it comes to flying on a private charter, safety matters. It is only natural to wonder, are private jets safe? After all, there is a lot that goes into taking flight and getting you to your destination safe and... READ MORE

Should I Buy a Private Jet?