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Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport

Charter Jet Flights to/from Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport (BDR)

Executive jet charter flights whether to or from Bridgeport, Connecticut via Igor Sikorsky Memorial Airport (BDR) have never been easier. Charter Flight Group (CFG) has been providing executive jet charters for more than thirty years via Igor Sikorsky Memorial (BDR) to and from countless locations worldwide.

With access to more than 6,000 private aircraft for executive jet charter use, CFG can deliver what any busy executive needs at any time. Whether in need of a piston for a quick trip into NYC for a business lunch or a larger private aircraft to the west coast to pick up computer-related cargo, CFG will provide what you need quickly.

Charter Flight Group is a leader in the executive jet charter business for a simple reason: We provide the most flexible, reliable, safe, and professional jet service for busy execs in the world. We do this by ensuring that each private aircraft is maintained to pristine conditions at all times, FAR Part 135 compliant, and ready to fly at a moments notice. To ensure that all crews are held to our high standards, we employ the services of both Wyven and ARGUS.

This is a must for us because we provide virtually any kind of aircraft needed for any kind of flight service to Igor Sikorsky Memorial (BDR). If you need an executive jet charter for a one-way, empty leg, group flight, or even cargo, the Charter Flight Group difference will ensure a successful trip.

Naturally, every Executive Jet Charter to Igor I Sikorsky (BDR) includes:

  • VIP concierge service
  • Elite network of 6,000+ flights
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No congested airports
  • No baggage restrictions
  • Discreet, professional crews
  • A private, discreet flying experience

Charter Private To/From Igor Sikorsky BDR -The Charter Flight Group Difference

At CFG, we pride ourselves on flexible, professional service at every step of our organization. This is why when you phone us at 1-888-634-7449 to arrange your executive jet charter, you may do so 24/7 365 days of the year. We will gladly manage every part of your trip so that all you need to do is pack.

We provide everything from large cabin jets to small, speedy Citation jets for executive jet charter use. If you need a Cesssna, an Embraer, Hawker, or Gulfstream, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you would prefer a larger Boeing or perhaps a turboprop, just let any of our courteous, knowledgeable flight coordinators know and they will take care of you.

If you are in a hurry, we can have you wheels up in under four hours in most cases. In short, the CFG difference is simple: You are in charge.

Call your personal flight coordinator at (888) 634-7449 to book your charter from BDR or choose from thousands of private jet airports worldwide.

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Airports near Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport

If you have business in the region and prefer another airport near Bridgeport, Connecticut for your jet charter flight, you may prefer some of these.

Contact CFG at 1-888-634-7449 to arrange your jet charter flight to BDR

KBDR - Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport


Take flight with us and experience service that exceeds the five-star treatment. At FlyCFG, around-the-clock service means wherever and whenever you need a flight, our jet charter company is ready.