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Aurora State Airport

Private Charter Flights to/from Aurora State Airport (UAO)

When you charter private aircraft with CFG from Aurora State Airport (UAO), you can relax knowing that you have just chosen the best in the business. We have been chartering private aircraft from Aurora State Airport and countless locations worldwide for decades and know what it takes to satisfy even the most discriminating of clients—service, service, and service.

Of course, service begins with safety for only a safe flight is a reliable flight. To this end, all partners maintain their aircraft and crews in strict compliance with FAR Part 135. In addition, all bring in both ARGUS and Wyvern to ensure they are doing their best. This means that not only can we provide the safest, most reliable private aircraft charter service in the world, but also the most flexible.

Flexible service is a must for most who charter private aircraft on a regular basis for often what is needed this week is different from the last.

Thus, whether you need a piston to Portland or a group one way to Los Angeles, from virtually any make or model, from Cessna to Airbus and all in between, from Airforce One to the Space Shuttle…oops, got carried away. In short, we can provide virtually any aircraft for any purpose when you charter private aircraft with us from Aurora State Airport (UAO).

So with each private aircraft charter flight via Aurora State Airport (UAO), you will enjoy the following, when you choose CFG:

  • VIP concierge service
  • Elite network of 6,000+ flights
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No congested airports
  • No baggage restrictions
  • Discreet, professional crews
  • A private, discreet flying experience
  • No Worries or Hassles
  • No unnecessary layovers

Charter Private Aircraft to Aurora State Airport (UAO)

When you charter private aircraft to Aurora State Airport (UAO) with Charter Flight Group, you will be delighted when a live person answers the phone. Unlike some, we never have a recording greet you but rather have expert planners on the ready 24/7 to make your arrangements. We will provide you with an instant price quote, make any ground transport arrangements you require, and even book catering should you have a need.

On arriving at Aurora State Airport, south of Portland, Oregon, you will find that although a small airport, you will find all the amenities you would find in a larger location. Of course, this is the airport in the region of choice for anyone seeking to avoid the spotlight. If vacationing in the area, you will find Champoeg State Park a short distance to the west and Molalla River State Park just to the north.

Call your personal flight coordinator at (888) 634-7449 to book your charter from UAO or choose from thousands of private jet airports worldwide.

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Airports near Aurora State Airport

If you have business in the region and prefer another airport near Aurora, Oregon for your jet charter flight, you may prefer some of these.

Contact CFG at 1-888-634-7449 to arrange your jet charter flight to UAO or any ot

KUAO - Aurora State Airport

44OR - Compton Airport

67OR - Mc Gee Airport

K7S9 - Lenhardt Airpark

OR41 - Workman Airpark

OR40 - Dietz Airpark

K4S9 - Portland Mulino Airport

OG30 - Aeroacres Airport

2S6 - Sportsman Airpark

OL05 - Skydive Oregon Airport

OG34 - Meyer Riverside Airpark


Take flight with us and experience service that exceeds the five-star treatment. At FlyCFG, around-the-clock service means wherever and whenever you need a flight, our jet charter company is ready.