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When did Private Charter Flights Begin?


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When did Private Charter Flights Begin?

Today we take passenger flight travel for granted. Millions take to flight every year by commercial and private charter flight service. This is such a normal part of our lives, that we often forget that not too long ago, such flights were unheard of. When did the first charter passenger flights take place?
This is not an easy question. In one respect, it could be said that as soon as the first planes were produced, people began to charter these. Indeed, all over the skies of America, people were seen taking “joy riders” up in small bi-planes. Of course, these were not trips for business, but rather just for fun. Still, these were usually paid flights, so in one sense it could be said that the commercial flight industry was nothing more than an offshoot of early private charter history.

For instance, depending on who you ask, the first passenger flight was performed by none other than Orville Wright of the Wright Brothers fame—the first builders of an airplane at Kitty Hawk. But this was not a paid flight, so some prefer instead to ascribe that honor to Tony Jannus, who took a single paying customer, Mr. Abram Pheil from St. Petersburg, Florida to <aherf=”http://www.charterflightgroup.com/charter-flights-to-tampa-florida/”>Tampa in a Benoist XIV on January 1, 1914. The airfare? $400, which in today’s terms would amount to around $5000.

Later, it was not unusual for anyone with a small plane following World War I to take passengers up for a modest sum. Often, these trips lasted less than 20 minutes and the prices were reasonably low and well within the range of what middle class families could afford. Thus, the earliest regular private charter flights could be said to have begun with average folks. However, by the early 1960s and 1970s, charter flights began to be used only by busy executives and the planes used were much nicer. Such aircraft as Lear 45XR, Cessna Citation, were developed which were suitable for these flyers. However, through much of the 70s and 80s, private charter remained out of the price range for most busy travelers.

Today, many people are now opting for private air charter as a means of avoiding crowded airport terminals and long security checks. So many are beginning to enjoy this form of travel that rates have dropped considerably, especially in comparison to commercial flights and the inconveniences presented in these. In fact, an industry which was dominated by business interests has now come full circle. Many travelers are opting for private charter flight simply for taking vacations or just for fun.
If you are thinking about taking a trip sometime, why not consider your own private flight? With your own private jet, you do not face the restrictions common on most commercial flights today—much as air flight was in the early days. Contact us today to discuss your travel arrangements.