Meet Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown

Chief Executive Officer


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Boca Raton, FL

It boils down to one trait—confidence, as a result of experience. Humble beginnings. A damn hard work ethic, and a deep passion for genuine relationships built on trust. And that, right there, is the essence of Jordan Brown.

Talk to any of his friends, colleagues, or clients and they will tell you that Jordan is absolutely in his element as a Managing Partner of Charter Flight Group—pursuing his childhood dream and always doing everything possible to make sure his clients are completely taken care of. Because for Jordan, that is everything—a genuine,
professional relationship built on trust and a mutual appreciation for premium quality at every opportunity.

Jordan knows this industry. After all, he grew up in it, ever since he began washing airplanes at the age of 11 to score a ride in the skies above. Rides turned into conversations, conversations turned into friendships, and friendships turned into long-lasting professional relationships. He continues to treat every traveler as a longtime friend, sometimes driving for hours just to help and personally send them off safely. It is easy to see that he just loves helping people and will do whatever it takes to make their day.

Now, it is one thing to stay current within an industry, but Jordan is a true visionary—he has his sights set on pioneering an unprecedented approach to the charter flight experience, and forever transforming the industry.

what Our Clients Say

"It is amazing to watch, really. He is a maestro. A virtuoso. Mover. Shaker. Go-getter. People-pleaser. Game-changer."