Meet David Ossa

David Ossa

Private Aviation Advisor


Trip Types

Worldwide Artist Tours, Multi-legged trips & Intercontinental Flights


Barcelona, ES

With a rich background in the entertainment industry, including film and music, and over five years of experience as a private aviation advisor, David currently holds the position of Director of Worldwide Touring and Artist Logistics at FlyCFG. His work requires splitting his time between Europe and America, where he utilizes his global connections to offer competitive options for artistic tours. David skillfully manages the intricacies of touring while providing the personalized care necessary for both the artists and their entourages.

An enthusiastic soccer fan, top-performing sales agent, and avid world traveler, David is often found working in picturesque locations. You might catch him on the beaches of Barcelona, atop Monserrat Hill in Bogota, or enjoying lunch with clients at the Miami Beach Golf Club.

what Our Clients Say

"As professional and cooperative as you will find in the industry."

Erika N

"David was recommended to me by one of the biggest names in the music world, and now he is my go-to. From personal flights to international tours, I know he will take care of all my flying needs."

Nelly G

"Since I work with David, I no longer feel the stress of planning a world tour for my artists. He takes care of every aspect of the flight from organizing ground transportation, to offering personal security, full catering, and much more. Just delightful."

Marteen C