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Pros of Riding in a Superbus


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Pros of Riding in a Superbus

The Super bus is a preliminary model of a high speed electric coach – like limo car that is capable of transporting 23 passengers and accelerates up to 250 kilometres per hour (160 mph) on specially designed segregated highway lanes.  It has eight doors per side to permit individuality and improve comfort and luxury.   This project envisions a comfortable, door-to-door transportation to compete with the car and the train. The project, which encompasses the planning, administration, organisation, safety, dependability and economic feasibility, on top of the design of the vehicle itself, have been funded by the Dutch State for 7 Million Euros.

The concept of this project is to have a relaxed and comfortable travel that is tailored to everyone’s needs. You can get in the vehicle anytime, and anywhere you need it and will bring you to your destination without substitutions. During the travel, you can continue with your work or just sit back and enjoy the luxurious journey.   You will experience this kind of service for a competitive price.

This is not just a dream, but this concept is the beginning of the development of Super bus as an advanced substitute for today’s personal viable mobility.

Super bus does not have a preset schedule and the logistics permit flexibility in high volume transport on demand.   Thus the vehicle brings passengers from starting point to destination without the need for substitution or changeovers.

The design of Super bus has been improved around some vital matters. Super bus is secure because of the obstacle detection systems through radar equipment and a fast responding electronic guidance system, high manoeuvrability and remarkable breaking power.

It is flexible in terms of various travel needs. There are cabins that are designed for people travelling alone or in groups. There are no fixed routes. They are tailored based on the preferred starting point and destinations of the passengers.

Furthermore, Super bus is developed to give an extraordinary travel experience.

The height of comfort should be similar to riding in a luxurious sedan. This extraordinary experience will be recognised through high speed, well-designed interior and personal multimedia gears for each passenger.

This is just tantamount to getting into private charter flights where amazing and luxurious experiences await you and your family. If you fly on private charter flights, you will be treated with excellent service, enjoy reasonable rates, savor delicious food and treats, and feel the hospitality of the nice and caring staff that will truly make your trip and vacation amazing, memorable and perfect.

In the same manner, executives and businessmen who are catching up with their appointments prefer to take private charter flights as there no delays in waiting in long security lines at the airport. In private charter flights, you will not be dissatisfied with the level of safety and quality of professionalism that the flight crews offer whether you are a regular passenger or travelling for the first time. You will also be offered the best pricing options to match your business or recreational travel needs.You can create your own schedule and fly to your indicated schedule – whatever your desires; private charter flights will be created to suit you.