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Falcon 10


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Falcon 10

Private Jet Charters on the Falcon 10 – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group can arrange private jet charters for you and your guests into and out of hundreds of domestic and international airports. Enjoy the efficiency and high performance of your corporate charter in the Falcon 10, also known as the Mystère 10. This French-built twin-engine medium-range light business jet was introduced by Dassault Aviation in 1971. Originally dubbed the “Minifalcon”, it was a smaller version of their Falcon 20 which had been developed earlier. The Falcon 100 model eventually replaced the Falcon 10 and added a glass cockpit, expanded baggage capacity and increased takeoff weight.

Private jet charters on the Falcon 10 and Falcon 100 enable you to depart on

your own timetable and land in thousands of remote private airports, giving you better access to your destination than commercial airline flights. The longer range of the Falcon 10 in comparison to other light charter jets makes it the ideal business jet for corporate charters from London to Istanbul, New York to Montego Bay, or San Francisco to Houston. Since they were first introduced, the Falcon 10 and Falcon 100 business jets have remained very popular with private owners, VIP corporate private jet charter operators, and civilian and military transport carriers.