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Eclipse 500/550


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Eclipse 500/550

Private Aircraft Charters on the Eclipse 500/550 – History and Highlights

Charter private jets with Charter Flight Group to and from worldwide destinations on the Eclipse 500, one of the most efficient and economical jets available. As the world’s first very light jet, the Eclipse 500 was introduced by Eclipse Aviation in 2002. Its design was based on the Williams V-Jet II, which had been designed and built by Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites. The Eclipse 500 was intended for use as a prototype to test the new Williams International FJX-2 turbofan engines. However, it attracted a lot of attention for its fuel-saving capabilities and was put into production and brought to market in 2006. The company entered bankruptcy in 2009 but was purchased by Eclipse Aerospace and production continued. The Eclipse 500 remains popular with air taxi companies, private owners and pilots, and aircraft charter companies.
Charter private jets through Charter Flight Group to depart on your own schedule and land in thousands of private airports around the world. Whether you have a one-day business trip or a weekend leisure trip, you will have better access to your destination compared to regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Eclipse 500 offers you and your guests comfort, convenience and economy.This charter private jet is ideal for small group charters and, because of its size, gives you access to many small runways. The Eclipse 500 has the distinction of being the fastest aircraft under 10,000 pounds and has been described as a “limousine with wings.”