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Dornier 328


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Dornier 328

Charter Air Service on the Dornier 328 – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group can help you arrange business jet charters to and from domestic and global destinations on the Dornier 328. This turboprop-powered airliner is capable of carrying your group of up to 33 passengers in comfort. Initially introduced in 1993 by Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH, the design was eventually acquired by Fairchild and renamed Fairchild-Dornier. The Dornier 328 was noted at the time for a fuselage capable of roomier 3-abreast seating and a supercritical wing for better cruise and climb ability. The Dornier 328 aircraft operates from runways as short as 5,000 feet, so your chartered private flight will give you and your travel partners access to smaller airports.

The business jet charters that Charter Flight Group can arrange for you on the Dornier 328 are ideal for short- and medium-haul flights.

The aircraft will comfortably travel 1,000 miles without the need to refuel and is popular for chartered private flights up to 3 hours.Charter Flight Group makes it easy for you to depart on your own schedule and arrive at your destination in comfort and safety. Popular variants of this aircraft are the Fairchild-Dornier 328JET (which replaced the turboprops with twin turbofan engines) and a VIP configuration that accommodates 12 to 14 passengers. It is the perfect aircraft for small group charter air service and is in regular use by regional commuter airlines and business jet charter operators.